Netflix Games You Should Play Right Now!

Arguably the biggest streaming service today, Netflix has taken a step towards the gaming industry by launching its gaming platform, as well as games for IOS and Android devices. They’ve launched adaptions of Netflix’s biggest shows as free-to-play games, which can be accessed by simply owning a Netflix membership. 

As we all know, Netflix has always exceeded user expectations, both with the quality and the quantity of its content. Along with this, they have also begun dipping their toes into the world of gaming, albiet with a fairly different approach. With the release of Bandersnatch in 2018, a completely interactive decision-based Netflix original, user expectations understandably soared. Since then, they have had many interactive original releases, for children and adults alike. 

With Netflix’s purchase of Night School Studio, they have been able to start testing their games in European countries in the summer of 2021. Much to their success, by November 1, Netflix announced their games were available to play on Android devices, and November 10 saw the launch on IOS devices. 

With only a handful of games launched by Netflix, we have compiled a list and a quick run-through of each game available!  

Asphalt Xtreme 

Asphalt Xtreme is an intense racing game that features a variety of off-road tracks, new vehicles, and better mechanics for drifting. Xtreme is a spin-off to the second game, Asphalt 9, which was developed and published by Gameloft in 2016. 

The game first launched for all users, but is now available only to those with Netflix subscriptions.  Battle various opponents for 1st place by destroying opponent vehicles, drifting through scenic views, and finding yourself navigating in the worst conditions. 

Get Asphalt Xtreme on the Play Store

Get Asphalt Xtreme on the App Store

Bowling Ballers 

Bowling Ballers is a casual game for players to relax and enjoy as the objective in the game is quite simple, all you do is hit the pins and avoid other objects that try to slow you down! The game includes flying, skateboarding, and jumping ramps – so as you progress through each level, expect it to get a little tougher! 

Bowling Ballers launched on November 10 with the IOS version of the Netflix Arcade, exclusively for Netflix subscribers. Players can also play Bowling Ballers Offline and rack up an insanely high-high score, and compare with their friends! 

Get Bowling Ballers on the Play Store

Get Bowling Ballers on the App Store

Card Blast 

With Card Blast, Netflix knew they were going in the right direction! It is a simple card game with easy rules to follow, making it highly addictive! At this moment, Card Blast has over 100,000 downloads and is rated as one of the top three games Netflix has to offer. 

Players get a number of cards from a random deck, in which the players are meant to stack up the cards that have the same letter or number on them. With each level you play, the puzzles get more and more difficult to complete! 

Since the time of its release on November 1, the game garnered a lot of attention due to its addictive puzzles, and had over +10,000 downloads in under ten days. We would recommend this game to anyone who loves to complete puzzles. 

Get Card Blast on the Play Store

Get Card Blast on the App Store 

 Teeter (Up)

Another simple and highly addictive game in which players have to balance a ball on the a until it reaches the checkpoint. Simple right? There are over a hundred-and-fifty levels for you to complete the game, with some player reviews noting how difficult some levels are. 

Teeter (Up) launched on the November 1 on Android devices and quickly had over +50,000 downloads by November 5. Netflix really had it planned out!

Get Teeter Up on the Play Store 

Get Teeter Up on the App Store

Shooting Hoops 

This game isn’t going to make you feel like Michael Jordan, but is a ‘tap’ game in which you select the trajectory and shoot the ball into the hoop. Each level gets more and more difficult with players having to rebound the ball from walls and edges to get it into a hoop. 

It is super easy in the beginning but once you start getting to higher levels, the game will make you think of different ways to get the ball into the hoop! The game scored low on Androids Play Store with a score of 2.8, but it’d make a good play on a long road trip!

Get Shooting Hoops on the Play Store 

Get Shooting Hoops on the App Store 

Stranger Things: 1984 

Want to know how 2D games were? Well, look no further! BonusXP gives us a nostalgic feeling with its soundtrack that sounds similar to any Nintendo game in the late 1980s. Play as your favorite characters from Stranger Things and unravel the mysteries in Hawkins, Indiana. 

It truly feels like you playing on Game Boy with the animation and soundtracks that play throughout the game. Stranger Things: 1984 is available on both Android and IOS only for people who have a Netflix subscription. 

Get Stranger Things: 1984 on the Play Store 

Get Stranger Things 1984 on the App Store

Stranger Things 3: The Game 

Want to re-watch the whole Stranger Things series before season four is released? Why not just play the games developed by BonusXP? They have all the action and adventure from all three seasons split into three games. 

Help Eleven and the squad fight against creatures from the Upside Down and prevent the end of the world! This is the only game available on other gaming platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch, but not for free.

Get Stranger Things 3: The Game on the Play Store 

Get Stranger Things 3: The Game on the App Store 


We will keep you updated on upcoming games from Netflix, as we expect a lot more to come in the near future. Now, get your Netflix login and your favorite gaming chairs, because Stranger Things 3: The Game is a journey you wouldn’t want to miss!  

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