The First 30 Minutes of GTA Online’s “The Contract”

“The Contract” dropped two days ago, on December 15. Here’s what to expect from the first 30 minutes of gameplay.

Fresh off their announcement on December 8, GTA Online’s newest update, “The Contract”, arrived just in time for the holidays. We, of course, couldn’t wait till then. So we ran that 4GB update, and got cracking!

First things first, the Agency.

Once you’ve updated and loaded up your game, you instantly have access to the entire catalogue of content within “The Contract”. First, you should get your hands on an Agency property. You can find Agency properties on the Dynasty8 Executive website. I splurged on the priciest location, and all its customizations.

About $5.5M later, and a long cut-scene with Franklin, we were good to go.

I had to add this in, because “and Partner”? Genius. How else could R* name a company your online character could co-head? Also, this Los Santos skyline will never not be a sight.

Walk in and you will see this statue, which I couldn’t not screenshot. Walk up to the two receptionists, ignore the one on the left (like I ignored this statue), go up to the one on the right. My man at the front desk here will give you a few options to leave the building in style. But we’re not leaving, we’re going up.

And boy, is it good to see Franklin making it in Los Santos. This is one sweet office!

We caught some photo frames (in picture). The woman with Franklin doesn’t look like his mother, but we can’t be sure. It’d be interesting to see more of Franklin’s life after the events of GTA 5 with this update!

Also, we had to drop this ‘Employee of the Month’ plaque on here as well. It’s precious that Franklin held onto this, and such a throwback to the first GTA 5 mission with Michael!

The Agency building is VAST, and comes with it’s own multi-desk workspace, weapons room and your very own apartment!

In the Armory, you will find the two newest weapons added with the Update!

Now you can protect yourself from other players owning an Oppressor Mk II, because the new Compact EMP Launcher will disable their vehicles, giving you a few seconds to gain an advantage!

Tucked into the corner of the second floor are your living quarters. This space actually has a very cool layout, and a fantastic view, as always. I finally understand why I spent $5.5 million!

With a stunning view from these living quarters, Agency owners also get a twenty-five car garage with complete with their own workshop. There have been 7 new additions to GTA Online’s vehicle catalogue, and I know which one I like most!

What you can see me do here is use my car in RC mode, which is a new feature with this update. Have to say, this is a nice touch! Also have to say, I did spend a good 5 minutes looking for myself on the sidewalk before deducing that my character simply vanishes while in RC Car mode.

But let’s not forget about the main story! To progress forward, you meet Franklin at The Los Santos Golf Club where he introdues you to Dr. Dre, whose phone was stolen containing unreleased songs! (This article explains Dr. Dre’s last GTA Online cameo)

While Dr. Dre talks up the task, an NPC gets into a scuffle with the man himself. Dre tasks you and Franklin with chasing down the troublemakers, who have fled in their golf carts. This leads to quite a long and frankly irritating chase down, because you have to do this in a golf cart of your own. GTA Online physics FTW! This took me more time than I’d like to admit, but when the deed was done, I was 50K richer! A business that pays is a business that stays!

After you’ve done this, Dre finally gets to finish his conversation, tasking F. Clinton & Partner with an extremely important assignment – retrieve Dr. Dre’s (stolen) phone and with it, a vault of new music!

Speaking of music in-game, I managed to catch some new tunes myself:

Friday plans include: Camping out in my room, driving around Los Santos listening to Radio Los Santos. Don’t @ me.

And finally, having opened the doors to the Agency’s first high profile client, you can now make your way through LS’ music business – both the star-studded upper crust and the grimey underbelly. Remember the mission: new music and big bucks. Also remember, nobody said it’d be easy…

Now go forth, and get your piece! I know I am!


All images sourced in-game.


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