Marble Elephant Fuse Nature and Dance With DNB

Hailing from the southwestern part of England, Marble Elephant are a Drum & Bass duo who deal solely in the art of writing gorgeous Liquid Drum & Bass.

It all started when Christina from the duo had her grandfather gift them a marble elephant as a gift following their stay at his house in Devon. That’s how they came up with their name. Since then, Marble Elephant have taken influences from various styles of music, including Techno, Dubstep, Instrumental Hip-Hop, to fuse it in their atmospheric style of Drum & Bass and create soul-soothing soundscapes.

After releasing a steppy number to close 2020, the duo returned to production exploits with C Recordings for a lush two-track EP and 6 months since the release, they have come up with a tune that brings their love for Drum & Bass with nature and fire dance.

It’s not the first time they have done something that brings various art forms together. Their 2019 tune ‘Don’t Lose It’ brought skating and Drum & Bass together but their latest release that brings nature, dance and Drum & Bass into one is special for its aural and cinematic experience.

‘Shadow of My Life’ which features the duo’s sumptuous take on Liquid Drum & Bass brings talented fire dancer Lou for the dance sequences and videographer, Martin who pieces all the aspects together to create a stunning illustrative spectacle. We had a quick chat with them to know their experience while working on the tune.

“The idea was to create a tune that was organic and one that correspond with lush sample-driven music that we like to produce. For the video, we wanted to make sequences instead of stills and bring a contrast between nature and urban life. We were thrilled to have Lou on to the project who elevated the adventure to a whole new level with her performance and Martin who had the most challenging job of assembling all the elements together and bringing out the narrative that we wanted to exhibit.” said Marble Elephant when asked about their thoughts on the tune and the video.

Lou, who was tasked with the fire dance sequences had an interesting take on her role in the video “The overall experience was intense and while I was performing in the middle of harsh weather conditions, I just felt that all the worries, all the trouble had completely washed away because we were all in sync. The weather and fluctuating light conditions made it difficult for us but we managed to pull through it and I am really happy with the final outcome of the project.”

Martin, who had the most challenging responsibility of taking all the elements together and bringing the project to life said “I had taken up video projects in the past but a project of this magnitude was my first time as well. It felt like a one-man job because I had to shoot everything, get all the sequences right, and finally, converge everything together but I am pleased with the final output. I learned a lot from the project and I cannot wait to work with the guys again”

Here’s the video of ‘Shadow of My Life’ by Marble Elephant, Lou and Martin:



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