The Reel Store: UK’s First Digital Immersive Art Gallery

In recent years, immersive art galleries witnessed a sharp boom across the globe. From the Van Gogh Exhibition: The Immersive Experience to Frida Kahlo’s gallery in Mexico, the newest addition to the troop of these spectacular digital art galleries is The Reel Store, located in the United Kingdom. 

Situated at the erstwhile hub of Coventry Evening Telegraph newspaper, a post-war landmark building of the city, The Reel Store will open its gates to the public in April 2022. 

The Reel Store, an Immersive Art Gallery

With its inauguration early on in 2022, The Reel Store will be the UK’s first permanent immersive art gallery opening in association with Coventry City of Culture Trust. The ‘new state-of-the-art space’ expects to feature experimental and inventive art commissions. 

Image Acquired Via Coventry 2021, Refik Anadol Studio.

The space stretches across an 8610 sq. ft (800m2) area with 14 4K laser projectors and an adaptive sound system for ‘large-scale projection mapping.’ Internationally acclaimed media artist Refik Anadol’s work is set to inaugurate The Reel Store. ‘Machine Memoirs: Space’ is one of Anadol’s prestigious projects done in collaboration with Nasa. With projects displayed in over 50 cities, Anadol integrates art, science, and technology to delve deeper into ‘what it means to be human in the age of machines’ and other pressing complexities. 

“The product of a long-term collaboration with Nasa, this exhibition [Machine Memoirs: Space] uses artificial intelligence (AI) to reimagine two million publicly available images of space taken by NASA satellites and telescopes, and the International Space Station, capturing the deepest regions of outer space,” reads the project statement.

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‘Machine Memoirs: Space’ and more!

Machine Memoirs: Space will be viewed in a ‘360 degree cinematic experience of rich and futuristic visuals accompanied by 3D audio’. The aim is to portray the beauty and visuals of space science to the audience with the help of AI. It is only the beginning for The Reel Store, which intends to flourish as a hub for experimental arts. 

This latest venture of the UK is backed by Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, Coventry City Council, The Patrick Trust, The Linbury Trust, Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust, and Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce.

“I am delighted that Coventry, a youthful and pioneering city is launching The Reel Store with Machine Memoirs – a new way to experience the wonder of art. Right now, Refik Anadol is leading the way in this field and we are proud and excited to be collaborating to deliver his first long running UK show. In 2022 Refik Anadol and Machine Memoirs will truly cement Coventry’s status as a major destination for groundbreaking visual arts experiences,” said the Creative Director of the Coventry City of Culture Trust.

Although the ticket prices are not revealed, they are expected to go on sale from the beginning of 2022 – HERE

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Feature Image Via Coventry 2021.

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