Don’t Look Up – A Short Review 

The new Netflix original film Don’t Look Up takes a bit of science fiction, dark comedy, and then some more randomness to make quite a wholesome film! With a star-studded cast including Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, the Adam McKay film revolves around the story of two scientists – Dr. Randall Mindy (Leo) and PhD student Kate Dibiasky – discovering a comet that is heading directly towards Earth.

Described as a Planet Killer, this comet that popped in from the Oort Cloud, is an extinction level threat, and no one seems to be taking Dibiasky or the super-anxious Dr. Mindy seriously. The film then follows a bunch of escapades, mainly of both scientists trying to get the attention of mainstream media, the US government under President Orlean (played by Meryl Streep) and her chief of staff Jason Orlean (played by Jonah Hill), and people of the world. In a fight to keep information classified, there’s also a bunch of not-so-unimaginable situations and people viewers may come across if you tell them ‘The world is going to end!’



Watching the film makes you question a couple of things. 

Firstly, if an incident like this were to occur, and humanity had only six months and 14 days to save themselves, what do you think they would do? 

Secondly, with this apocalyptic event in sight, who and what would you think of in your dying moments, and who would you choose to spend those final moments with? 

Don’t Look Up then explores certain ways in which humans try, but possibly not hard enough, or not with the right intention. We’ve basically taken the world around us for granted, and we have such staggering confidence in the people we have elected. It also goes to the all-time low of how much of our energy would we actually invest because of greed, just to claw even at the last bit of what could destroy us? 

Besides the already strong cast of the film, a special shout out to the feature of Ariana Grande playing Riley Bina, the heartbroken popstar. With a perfect performance and her hilarious way of being really serious with funny lyrics is commendable! The plot is almost like a countdown to humanity’s last few moments, just like how we are pretty desensitized to the fact that organizations like the Pentagon have now released video footage of UFOs, and it doesn’t come of a shock to us at all because of how saturated our ideas and visuals of UFOs are.

Watch Don’t Look Up on Netflix today HERE.

This is one of those festive season movies, the ones you watch because it’s just fun to watch. You would probably not even watch it again, but go check out Don’t Look Up, streaming on Netflix worldwide. Watch the trailer below:

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Featured Image via Don’t Look Up on Netflix.

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