Claim One of 5 Games From Rockstar If You Own the GTA Trilogy

If you have purchased Rockstar’s remastered edition of the GTA Trilogy, you’re in luck. With the launch of the Rockstar store sale, PC players that already own the remastered GTA Trilogy series can now get their hands on one of five games, from Rockstar’s roster, as well as two in-game currency packs for free! 

The remastered edition of the GTA Trilogy was a complete letdown for many fans of the franchise. To make up for this, Rockstar announced that until January 5, 2022 players can claim any one of these five games that will be listed below, or in-game currency packs. 

Games You Can Choose From: 

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition 

Play in the city of Los Sants and create a multi-million dollar criminal industry, with bank heists, guns, armored vehicles, and luxury yachts. Create your character and play with your friends online! 

Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition 

That launch of Grand Theft Auto IV was the pinnacle of gaming in 2008, with the best storyline, open-world experience, and missions. We got a little taste of what Rockstar had planned in the future for future games and multiplayer!  

LA Noire 

Set in the year 1947, LA Noire takes place in Los Angeles and follows detective Cole Phelps as he climbs the ranks in the Los Angeles Police Department. Solve cases and put the guilty behind bars, while taking in the era and experience Rockstar has masterfully created.

Max Payne 3 

Maxy Payne 3 is a third-person shooter game in which players control a former NYPD detective who finds work in Brazil as a private security contractor but, finds himself in a quest with a lot of murder and betrayal. 

Bully: Scholarship Edition 

You play as a mischievous high-school student of Bullworth Academy where you stand up to bullies, play pranks in class, and a lot more. Complete the game by understanding each obstacle that you face in this corrupt school. 

The Trilogy was featured as one of the worst-reviewed games in 2021, but these other titles are sure to please! You can also choose to get either a Great White Shark Card (which gives you $1,500,000) for GTA V Online or fifty-five Gold Bars for Red Dead Redemption Online

Click here to Purchase Shark Cards

Click here to purchase Gold Bars

Don’t forget to collect one of the five games or even the in-game money if you own the GTA trilogy, these free games are some of Rockstar’s finest!

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