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Top 10 Gifts To Psych Your Gamer Friend 

This year has seen the launch of many new and improved gaming accessories, games and a lot more. With 2021 coming to an end as well as Christmas just passing by, retailers like Amazon are having the biggest sales of the year. This is your chance to get those gifts ordered

It’s always confusing when you have to shop for someone else, especially when they are gamers. The gaming industry is an ever-growing one, with constant upgrades, small tweaks, and new accessories being released yearly. Today, in our list, you will find ten things a gamer would definitely want if they don’t already own it! 

Here are ten things you could gift a gamer in 2021:

Logitech G29 

Logitech’s G29 steering wheel helps players get immersed in their driving simulator, whether it’s the F1 series (in which you race with Formula 1 cars) or even Euro Truck Simulator, that makes you travel miles away to earn some bucks.

The G29 is a highly desired product for many gamers who like racing games, since you don’t just get a steering wheel, you have paddle shifters behind the wheel and even pedals. Add-ons can have a stick-shift added with an entire rig that supports the wheel, pedals and the stick-shift.

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Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series S) 

For gaming, a laptop or PC is great, as you can get your hands on pretty much any game there is. Unfortunately, there are some games like the Ghost of Tsushima, a 2020 action adventure game, and the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West, that are PlayStation exclusive.

That being said, you do get a variety of PC games on consoles and some tend to be much more fun for players. Every console has their own list of exclusive games available for its player so before buying, it’s always good to see the variety of options available. 

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Oculus Quest 2 

Virtual reality has become one of the most entertaining ways of playing video games. Now, developers are creating games meant for devices like the Oculus Quest 2, as game development technology continues to advance.

The Oculus Quest 2 launched on October 13, 2020 and was created by Facebook Technologies. It has compatibility only with the PC, with a wide range of RPG and simulation styled games available for you to play. I’d highly recommend The Forest. 

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Far Cry 6

Why is there a game in the list, you may ask? Well, this game has truly lived up to the hype surrounding it. Ubisoft brought an action adventure role-playing game to light with great mechanics and an even greater story for players to play. 

The game takes place on an island ruled by an evil dictator that goes by the name of El Presidente, who is raising his son and teaching him how to rule over his empire. You play as a character called Dani Rojas, who is trying to destroy the dictator empire. 

The game has an extensive storyline with an open world where players are free to explore. You also have a choice to take your friends to missions and complete them together. The game is available on all platforms so don’t fret if you don’t own a PS5! 

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Xbox Game Pass 

If you don’t know what game the person you’re gifting likes or would like to play, why not let them choose? Xbox Game Pass let’s people purchase the game pass for $9.36. As part of the Game Pass, you have free access to over a hundred different games, such as Forza Horizon 4, Halo infinite, and even Rainbow Six Siege. All you have to do is claim them!

You wouldn’t only own the games, the pass would unlock the highest editions. That means if you play Rainbow Six Siege, you will have some operators unlocked already, and in Forza Horizon 4, you’ll have a wide range of cars to drive around in. 

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Steam Gift Cards 

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Ask any gamer what steam is and they will tell you that it is the greatest and most trustworthy game distributor there is, and has almost every game released for the PC, so you won’t miss out on anything. 

Once you purchase yourself a gift card, in your registered email id, you will find the code to redeem the gift cards worth. Using this people can buy games, trading cards and personalization to their steam account!

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PlayStation Plus 12 month membership

 If the person you want to gift owns a PlayStation 4/5, we have just the thing you could gift them! The PlayStation Plus membership gives the player two games every month, exclusive discounts and access to multiplayer gaming. 

Getting someone a membership isn’t that expensive, it is only $40.16 for an entire year, so grab onto the best offers you find. 

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Amazon Echo Show 8 

Amazon’s Echo Show 8 would be an all-in-one amazing gift to just about anyone! With its connection to Alexa, who will be your private assistant inside the 8 inch screen, you can turn your lights on, fan and even lock doors simply using voice commands. 

Amazon has a collection of smart devices available, and all are reasonably priced for anyone to purchase. The uses wouldn’t just be to listen to music or watch movies, you could set a timer for when lights come on if you come late home from work for your pet at home, or use it to learn new recipes for dinner! 

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A Gaming Monitor

A gaming monitor is super important for better frames in any first person shooter game. With better frames, your display will be able to capture people peaking pixel angles and have no frame drops. If you know somebody that has a laptop and is lacking frames it’s usually because the screen can’t handle it. 

While searching for a gaming monitor, it’s best to make sure that you get more than a 120hz screen for clear visuals, no tearing and a faster pixel response. 

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Graphics Cards 

This will be a dream come true for any gamer to receive! Usually out of stock or just way too overpriced, no one can get their hands on them easily. Graphic cards are extremely important for running games smoother with more frames and better graphics, and are the main component while making a PC. 

Price ranges vary depending on what graphics card you are looking for but as of now we would suggest the Nvidia RTX 3080 that costs about $699. 

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We hope you liked our top 10 picks of games and gaming accessories to gift someone. Make sure to make use of all the festive sales on right now!


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