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Tottenham-based Kemet Records’ story in the Jungle and Drum & Bass folklore is very fascinating. Kemet Records was formed during the prototype years of Jungle and Drum & Bass, produced some of the most iconic Jungle tunes during the peak mid-90s era, shut themselves in 1997, came back up in 2016 and now they are firing hot releases one after the other.

Despite having such a striking history, there is very little internet presence of Kemet and about Kemet. There has to be some trace of conversations or quotes from founders or artists alike considering their 30-year journey, right? but there’s absolutely nothing except for the rudimentary information about who founded it and the year of their re-emergence.

We did a little a digging and here’s what we know so far. Kemet Records was started by Mark X and the label’s first release came towards the end of 1992. They had several bonafide Jungle classic releases between 1993-95 before closing the label in 1997. Kemet reopened in 2000 with a series of reissues by moving into the ragga-tinged new school D&B and closed once again. They re-relaunched in 2016 with new remixes of their classic anthems with the release of their Rebirth Album.

Afro-centric song titles which had a mix of Jungle and Reggae combined with skull shattering Reese bass-driven is the style Kemet have championed over the years despite their lack of online presence, their vinyls still sell like hotcakes.

Coming to 2021, which is one of the best years the label has had (in our opinion)  since their rebirth, they have progressed their sound further along with their chest-rattling explosions of bass and breaks, they have also segued into the 160 BPM lands of Juke and Footwork.

To put a brilliant year to bed, Kemet brought label regular Uneak for an enthralling 4 track EP called ‘Terrestrial’ featuring 4 mind-bending cuts of old school Jungle music. A common feature across all 4 tunes in the EP is its long and melodic intros which gradually crash land into gigantic drops that are primal and elemental.

You maybe wondering why we haven’t spoken about the EP enough, but that’s because we are digging further into the history of Kemet Records and coming up with a longer and bigger feature that the legendary imprint deserves. Until then, smash the ‘Terrestrial’ EP in full swing, here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf-dWgB4mRM]


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