Skream & Benga To Make A Return in 2022

2022 couldn’t have begun in any better fashion for Dubstep enthusiasts. Skream & Benga are set to make a smashing return this year for new music, and the hype since Skream’s tweet is real!

Skeam and Benga were in their late teens when they started championing Dubstep, which started segueing into the UK club circuit in the early 2000s, and since then, they were the undisputed pioneers of the sub frequencies sound until Skream famously decided to leave the genre 7 years ago to pursue the melodic and lush lands of House and Disco, while Benga announced his retirement from music citing mental health reasons.

Skream and Benga were also a part of the explosive Dubstep trio Magnetic Man which featured a number of their groundbreaking releases including a monumental album called ‘The Cyberman’. Individally, Skream released his self titled album in 2006 and ‘Outside The Box’ in 2010 in conjunction with Benga’s ‘Diary of An Afro Warrior’ in 2008 and ‘Chapter II’ in 2013. These albums are still considered to be one of the finest Dubstep albums ever made.

Together, the Croydon pair, last released material under their shared moniker in 2003 on ‘The Judgement’, before teaming up for a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix in 2011 and 2022 will mark their sensational return to the studio after 19 long years.


This news also comes since Skream had teased us about ‘playing loads of new 140 productions’ which was followed by a cheeky announcement about a Drum & Bass collaboration with young Manchester phenomenon, Dutta.

If you are expecting swashbuckling Dubstep music from them like before, then you probably may end up being disappointed, but one thing is for sure – whatever comes out from Skream and Benga this year will be legendary.

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