TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#25)

With so much new music coming out every day, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genre no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music!

The Weeknd – Dawn FM [Album]

After his previous full-length album, ‘After Hours’ from 2020, The Weeknd drops a hot bomb in the form of his latest piece of art ‘Dawn FM’. We had a chance to listen to it and tell you that it’s certainly going to stay at the top of your recent searches for the next few months at least! A mix of his club-thumping bravado in songs like ‘Take My Breath’, ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Gasoline’ combined with some trademark desperate boy-ish vulnerability in songs like ‘How Do I Make You Love Me?’, ‘Is There Someone Else?’, ‘Starry Eyes’ and ‘Best Friends’ makes ‘Dawn FM’ quite a dynamic journey filled with awkward questions and smooth falsettos to keep you interested throughout the 16 song album spanning approximately 52 minutes.

Read more about and listen to ‘Dawn FM’: Short Review: The Weeknd – Dawn FM

Falling in Reverse – ZOMBIFIED [Single]

Las Vegas based rock band Falling In Reverse released a new single ‘ZOMBIFIED’ from the upcoming EP ‘Neon Zombie’ which is coming “soon”, according to the band. This comes after the band’s last release, the number one platinum single ‘Popular Monster’, in 2020. The accompanying music video shows the band fighting zombies, symbolic for the way the media has hypnotized and zombified people in reality. A heavy sounding song with melodic vocal hooks and a brutal bridge, ‘ZOMBIFIED’ is a singable yet headbang-worthy piece of modern rock music.

Shashaa Tirupati – IN MY SKIN [Single]

One of the few voices that the maestro A.R. Rahman puts his trust in, renowned playback singer, songwriter and music producer, who has sung in more than 20 languages and has about 3500 songs to her credit as a vocalist, Shashaa Tirupati dropped a fresh single ‘In My Skin’, a first release from her upcoming EP ‘I’m Sorry, Heart’. The song talks about the logic-less yet exciting feeling of musing towards someone clueless, within the limitless extents of one’s own mind. The song jumps to life immediately with the immeasurable number of layered vocal harmonies and some interestingly unconventional guitar playing by featuring artist Keba Jeremiah.

KRS-One – The Beginning ft. SUN-One [Single]

One of the first few voices of hip-hop who raised his voice to stick it to the authorities with the slamming anthem ‘Sound of da Police’, legendary rapper and educator KRS-One recently dropped the first single ‘The Beginning’ from his upcoming 17th untitled studio album, which will be releasing sometime in 2022, according to him. As he says at the start of the music video, “nah, there’s no break, I’m just gonna go straight through!”; he plants the old-school SUN-One produced battle style beat with one long intense verse with some intense truth bombs and some smart word-play. Have the lyrics out when you listen to this one!


From their upcoming album ‘The Death of Peace of Mind’ which is slated to drop on 25th Feb., ’22, via Sumerian Records, Virginia based American metal band Bad Omens released a music video for the single ‘ARTIFICIAL SUICIDE’. This song showcases their heavier side, drifting into what sounds like a darker metalcore sort of sound, combining groovy upbeat drums and riffing with the climactic slow breakdown at the end. The bark-style growls tend to remind you of Phil Bozeman’s (Whitechapel) vocal texture and combine weirdly well with the quieter singing and speaking vocals that are plugged in at opportune moments in breaks here and there.


DJ Ransome & DJ SynthForce came together to form SyRan and since then, they have become one of the most sought-after names in the Drum & Bass circuit. Having regular releases on the legendary RAM Records, they champion the ghastly sounds of DnB. SyRan’s first release of 2022 comes on the same label with a tune packed with brutalist rhythms and Jungle textures for a face-melter called ‘Beyond The Heavens’.


This is a collaboration that you won’t see too often. Three titans of Bass music have come together for a tune that ticks all the boxes of a certified Dubstep banger. Part of Subtronics’ forthcoming album ‘Fractals’, ‘Gassed Up’ brings the old school era of dubstep with USA’s lurching & aggressive wubby bass style together in a single tune.


Cologne based DJ and producer Philo’s music is a unique mix of UK bass forms, which revolves around Breakbeat, Half Time, Jungle and Footwork with a splash of classic 90s as well as House influences and her latest EP on Brazilian label Nice & Deadly is a testament to her expansive style of music. Our pick from the Chocolat EP is the Breakbeat and Footwork drilled ‘Doussere’ which also has a heavy influence of UK rave elements.


Monophonik is the solo project of Mumbai based producer Shatrunjai Dewan who champions the raw, skittery and analog tinged sounds of electronic music. His latest release comes on London-based label Reel Long Overdub with Italian producer Diastema for the imprint’s first vinyl release. ‘Tabalchi’ is a tune that brings the producer’s love for delivering contrasting elements of Techno and Breaks that flutter between eastern samples.


The visionaries of distorted bass and rhythms have brought Austrian sensation Voljum (pronounced as volume) back on their channel for a tune that combines experimental sound design with tense dubstep textures. It’s a tune that is meant for the dreamlands.

We’ll be back next week with more interesting recommendations for you to listen to and/or groove to!


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