Need For Mirrors Returns To His Label With An EP

There aren’t many superlatives to describe Need For Mirrors’ music. When he makes music, all you do is sit and admire the work of an artist who is regarded as Drum & Bass music’s modern-day megastar!

Need For Mirrors’ music is designed for the peak time. With nothing but the dancefloor in mind, Joe Moses’ style of Drum & Bass transcends the conventionalities of the genre to create an audience of his own. Starting in 2010 on Friction’s Shogun Audio, Need For Mirrors has his music release on some of the most prestigious labels in the scene.

Along with the countless number of EPs and singles, Need For Mirrors’ illustrious discography also has two albums the kitty which are critically acclaimed as some of the best Drum & Bass albums made to date.

He is also the proud co-owner of London’s influential Soul In Motion which is a record label, club night and DJ agency. As one of London’s most influential club nights, Soul In Motion cherry-pick their line ups by putting decades of knowledge and by having a ear for the good stuff to optimum use.

After delivering his second studio album in 2020, Need For Mirrors spent 2021 with a VIP of his seminal tune ‘Peng’ followed by three subsequent EPs on V Recordings, SUNANDBASS Recordings and his own imprint Zoltar before ending the year with a tune on Kid Drama’s CNVX for a hypnotic number called ‘Verbal’.

The celebrated producer has now begun 2022 in menacing fashion with a return on his Zoltar Records for a stompy 4-tracker called the ‘Vampires’ EP.

The EP begins with the title the title track which features Need For Mirrors’ trademark fulsome synth sounds and catchy melodic riffs. Next up is ‘Ponyo’ which takes the darker and spacey route with its dubbed out textures over some spellbinding synth work. ‘Trans’ brings back the 2018 Need For Mirrors sound which had a brush of steppy drums and rudeboy vocal samples. The ‘Vampires’ EP is finally close with the rolling and analogue driven tune ‘Dozy’


Grab the ‘Vampires’ EP – HERE


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