Barasingha’s Eastern Drum & Bass Enchantment

What you are about to enter is a world of music that you have never experienced before. The type that transcends the boundaries of human emotions to leave a spiritual impact with its enchanting soundscapes.

Satyajeet Prabhu aka Barasingha’s music is special. Combining Eastern melodies with Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep and a bit of Breaks, he rightly describes his music as sounds from the Bass music gharana which means sounds from the lands of Bass music with an Indian touch.

Along with his self released solo outputs, he has taken his spellbinding soundscapes to labels like Amahoro Records, High Chai Recordings, and Nasha Experience’s sub-label Hundred Colours Music. Barasingha’s work also includes a delightful remix for HumaNature’s tune ‘Routine Work’ on Atmomatix Records.

Through this piece, we are going to list some of Barasingha’s finest work to date and take you on a dreamy Drum & Bass ride with us:



Starting with the Calibre meets Barasingha tune with a gorgeous layer of Carnatic melodies that send you into a hyperdrive. Taking the drum work from Liquid Drum & Bass legend Calibre’s playbook, Barasingha adds a resounding spin with the tune’s feather weight textures that illustrate the meaning of ‘Rasika’ which is an individual full of Passion, elegance, and a connoisseur of the fine-arts.



Bringing back LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records’ days jazzy and spaced out sound of Jungle music, Barasingha delivered a tune that intoxicates the listener into an expedition that soars higher and higher with every phrase of the tune. Part of his ‘Artcore Junglist’ series, the tune was one of his earliest outputs. Absolute masterclass.



From Barasingha’s rich bank of tunes, it difficult to single out a favourite but somehow we keep going back to this beauty that he and his long time collaborator Shivacult put together. Shivacult’s vocals were employed to give a 5th century Hindu devotional hymn set in the Raga Kharaharapriya, to create a modern Drum & Bass stunner. The tune is also complimented with a video that was shot by Shivacult in Ireland in 2019.



Part of Barasingha’s latest 2-tracker with Shivacult, ‘K?ttik?’ takes the same route of blending raagams from the Hindu mythology with Drum & Bass to create a transcendental experience, but this time, with the tune’s gentle rhythms and simple drum patterns, Barasingha and Shivacult team up once again to evoke the depth and emotive power of Drum & Bass music.



We usually make it a point to not talk too much when we are listing the last tune and ‘Soul One’ is another example of why we chose to let the reader feel the music in their own way. Part of Barasingha’s ‘Artisnal Cuts’ series, the tune like all his productions takes you into a different world.

You can stream and buy Barasingha’s tunes – HERE¬†

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