10 Movies Like Disney’s Encanto

What makes Disney’s Encanto so unique? We get Disney movies each year, and they always blow our minds, but Encanto has changed the picturesque view of how we see Disney princesses. Unlike 2013 Frozen, where characters are perfect with not even a hint of reality within them, the recent years have started changing these stereotypes.

Yes, it does follow the magical barriers created by Disney, with magic being a part of the story and evil always lurking… or was it? As majority that have clicked on this page have already seen the movie. So you know Bruno was never the big bad (neither was Alma) and the future Bruno saw about Mirabel was never fixed. 

Encanto is a beautifully-written movie with a lot of space for debate. But for now, set that aside! We have compiled a list of 10 movies that quite similar to Disney’s Encanto – where family, friendship and adventure collide. 

The Mitchells Vs The Machines 

A Netflix original produced by Sony Pictures Animation on April 23, 2021, The Mitchells vs. The Machines follows a family in a world that has been corrupted by recent improvements of technology. Technology turns on this fictional world and the Mitchells find themselves having to save hummanity from robots!

Ice Age

If we’re looking at all the themes in Encanto surrounding family and friendship, adventure and unique characters, Ice Age is a surefire winner! The story takes place 20,000 years ago on Earth, with the surface covered by snow, and water by ice. Different prehistoric species unite to face what is know as the end of the world. 

Lilo and Stitch

Let’s take you back to 2002’s Disney’s Lilo and Stich! The franchise had two seasons, four movies, and several cross overs in famous Disney animated shows, like Kim Possible, American Dragon : Jake Long, The Proud Family, and Recess. The Story of Lilo and Stitch takes place on a Hawaiian island called Kauai, where an alien escapes from an intergalactic prison and lands on Earth. He is taken into an animal shelter, later to be brought home by Lilo and her sister. And that’s where the adventure begin! 


Another intergalactic alien leaves his planet and lands on Earth where he is accompanied by a young adventurous girl who is on a quest to find her missing mother. Home features an incredible voiceover cast that includes pop-singer/songwriter Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez. Tim Johnson, who has also worked on moves like How To Train Your Dragon, has directed Home, making it a perfect family flick.


In 2011, we didn’t have many Disney Princesses like we had the original line up that consisted of Tinker Bell, Snow White, Mulan, others but 2011 saw the newest addition or what we could call the second era of Disney princesses! The movie, Tangled follows a young, naive girl who has lived in a tall castle all her life dreaming of the day she’ll be able to leave. Her wish is finally granted when a young man called Eugene drags her out for a life-changing adventure.   

Over The Moon 

Over The Moon follows the story of a young Chinese girl, Fei Fei, who loses her mother early on in the film. Distraught, and heavily believing stories her late mother would recite to her, Fei Fei builds herself a rocket and flies to the moon. There, she faces a new world, with fantastical creatures and a beautiful princess. What happens from here? Go on, find out! Over The Moon is directed by Glen Keane who also worked on the 2017 basketball short film, Dear Basketball that features late basketball legend Kobe Byrant. 


Unlike any of our picks above, Jared Bush, one of the directors of Encanto, has also worked on Moana, and also claims the two are in the same universe. The story follows a girl called Moana who finds herself having to save her dying island. To do this, she must travel alongside a not-so-humble Demigod, Maui, to return a magical stone – which happens to belong to Te Fitti, a Goddess with the power to create life itself. The film takes us on a magical journey and keep your eye out for the theories flying around the internet connecting Moana and Encanto!

Legend of The Guardians: Owls of Ga’hoole

A book-to-film adaptation by Zack Snyder, Legend of The Guardians: Owls of Ga’hoole is an action-adventure fantasy film that was released on September 24, 2010. The story follows a peaceful flock of owls living their lives until one of their loved owls, Soren, is captured and brought to the Pure Ones. The Pure Ones are said to be capturing owls and brainwashing them to create an army for themselves. Soren has to make an alliance with everyone captured and escape to Ga’hoole where legendary warriors are said to reside. 

The Book of Life 

The Book of Life is directed by Jorge Gutierrez who also voices Skeleton Carmelo in the movie, and produced by Guillermo Del Toro, known for his work in the Hellboy series and the Netflix original Trollhunters. The Book of Life follows a young man named Manolo who is burdened by family and their expectations while he can’t decide if he should follow his heart. Before choosing, he embarks on a journey facing his deepest fears, and tries to conquer it all! The world created in The Book of Life is a color explosion, and to us, is an earlier exploration of Coco, which is next on this list! 

 One of Pixar’s most-watched movies, Coco, is based on a Mexican holiday called the ‘Day of The Dead’ and follows a young boy who loves music. For mysteriously unknown reasons, his family doesn’t let him practice his music. Feeling shunned and left-out, the boy, Miguel, does an unspeakable act and finds himself waking up in the land of the dead. Here, he meets his deceased great-great grandfather who was a famous musician, who helps him return back to his family and understand why music is forbidden in his household.

Well, although we listed down 10 movies that are similar to Disney’s Encanto, we still do feel Encanto has defined a completely different experience for animation lovers. Pixar has many movies that are mind-blowing and Disney too, but people seem to connect with Encanto more. We hope we helped you find a good enough movie to watch after Encanto

Almost Made It To This List:

Meet The Robinsons (2007)

Inside Out (2015)

The Croods (2013)

Onward (2020)

Wolfwalkers (2020)

Big Hero 6 (2014)



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