Top 20 Games Heavy On Folklore

With the release of 2018’s God of War on the PC, we thought we’d cover a handful of games you could play that have their stories filled with mythical gods, beasts, and many more.

Gamers love to experience different worlds created by developers. In this list, you will find twenty games that are heavily influenced by folklore from different cultures, such as that of Nordic, Slavic, and even Greek origin.

Here are twenty games heavily influenced by folklore:


Fancy a dungeon-type game, but instead of dragons and skeletons you escape from your father, Hades? Players take control of Zagreus, an immortal god, and son of Hades, trying to leave his father’s creation and go to Mount Olympus, where Zeus and other gods wait for him! Developers, Supergiant have created a rouge-like dungeon game in 2020 that sees players fight their way through the gates of hell, while also introducing a grander mythological playground for gamers to experience.

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The Mooseman

Another Indie game for PC and android phone users, players take control of the Mooseman, who can see through the surface of realities and layers of the world in which spirits, ghosts, and gods reside. He has the gift no mortal eyes can contain. The game will see you find ancient artifacts from ‘Chud’ tribes while you solve a few of these ancient Finno-Ugric mysteries.

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Apsulov: End Of Gods

Apsulov: End of Gods takes place in the future where you wake up in a world that is taken over by advanced technology and is using the power of the Yggdrasil to harvest magical power. A powerful artifact was hidden, buried under the earth’s surface millions of years ago, and the hunt has just begun. This Viking horror title takes you on an adventurous journey with an open-world concept, allowing player wants to take a detour from the storyline.

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Praey Of The Gods

 Praey of The God’s story doesn’t contain a lot of mythology, but some of the character designs of monsters seem to look a lot like Greek mythical creatures. The game takes place on a dying land, where a young girl is sent to understand and resolve the mystical problem of never-ending snow. The game features an open-world experience in which monsters and vast creatures reside. Players have a glider to reach heights and a grappling hook that help you descend safer!

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Uncharted series

This should be an entire piece itself! The Uncharted series that is developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment has nine games in total for gamers to indulge in. With story-rich gameplay influenced by action-adventure, and puzzle solving that sends you on a treasure hunt, Each game conveys the story of Nathen Drake, a treasure hunter, who seeks out treasures lost in time. The game features a various number of mythical places, treasures, and landmarks. Here is a couple we found: El Dorado (Legendary precious stone), Shambhala (a hidden mystical kingdom in Buddhist lore), Quivira (Seven Cities of gold), and many more.

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Lara Croft Series

The Lara Croft series is much like the Uncharted games, but has been around for longer! While playing the games, there are many references to folklore from vast cultures from Hindu culture, Shiva’s statue, and a Sea Serpent famously known in Greek mythology. Lara Croft’s games are adventurous while including puzzles that lead to secrets, truths, and even treasure. You never know what it is about Lara Croft games, sometimes the dead come to life!

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Immortals Fenyx Rising

Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising follows a demigod that is sent from the great Greek gods to save their world from destruction and dark curses. Master the power given to you by the gods, defeat great mythical foes like Medusa and Typhon, the deadliest Titan to ever exist. The game lets you design your characters, fight and upgrade your powers, explore the open world, and bask in the glory of saving the gods!

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Assassin’s Creed – Odyssey

 Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes place in a fictional past when Greece had Spartans, lush streets, giant monuments, and surrounding volcanoes. The game takes you on a vast adventure on lands rich with history and story, while you face formidable opponents like Medusa and the Nemean Lion.

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Explore Greek mythology through developers, Forge Reply, who have given us an immersive VR experience and a story that revolves around Greek mythological characters like the Minotaur. The game’s story plays out in quite a similar way to the myths of the Minotaur, a creature with the body of a human but the head and tail of a bull, cursed by Poseidon himself, as King Minos of Crete’s wife fell in love with a bull.

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The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is an action-adventure game that features creatures like fairies, elves, and pixies that belong to Celtic mythology, with a rich story inheriting some folklore and weapons reminiscing of from Celtic mythology. The story follows a warrior, Link, who wakes up after a hundred-year-long nap and learns the kingdom is Hyrule is taken hostage by Calamity Ganon, who’s been lurking around for tens of thousands of years waiting for the right time to attack!

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Players control a Viking that died on the battlefield, but his story doesn’t come to an end! Great gods like Oden wait for you in the Halls of Valheim, but before, you must defeat the creatures destroying the world of the afterlife and obtain powers from other demi-gods that are the cause of havoc. Developers, Iron Gate, have created a perfect world to experience Norse mythology, while also being able to play online with friends.

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Inspired by Indian mythology, Unrest is a role-playing game developed by a Jaipur-based studio called Pyrodactyl Games in 2014. Unrest is the first role-playing game ever to have Indian mythology with creatures such as a Naga, which has a snake’s body but a humanoid face. The game lets you choose between five different characters that represent Indian society, those include a peasant girl who doesn’t want to have an arranged marriage, a priest, the chief of mercenary, and the heir of the royal throne but is forced to live on the streets.

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Raji: An Epic Adventure

Follow Raji on a quest to find her brother, Golu, who were separated due to the great war that saw hordes of demons killing humans. Raji has taken the task up to herself to find her brother and win the war for the humans. The game features a rich story set during ancient times based on Hindu and Balinese mythology. While exploring, art on the walls and the buildings will be reminiscent of ancient Indian civilizations. The game also has a lot of action so gear up and gather your resources, because demons need exterminating!

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The Frostrune

Based on Viking mythology and historically accurate cultures and environments, developers, Grimnir Media, have brought a story-rich game with Viking legend to light! Frostrune is a simple point-and-click game filled with mysteries, where players shipwreck and pick up on the nearby settlements that felt the people living their left in a panic. The game features real Viking long-ships, tools, huts, and many more leftover items that show the rich history of Vikings!

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Assassin Creed – Valhalla

 Ubisoft’s 2020, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gives its players an immersive open-world experience as gamers take control of Eivor, a Viking raider who has been raided by fearless warriors to lead the clan Norway’s coldest regions to a new lush land where the clan will thrive. To say Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is based on Viking and Norse mythology is an understatement! You fight like merciless warriors, use Long-ships, have tattoos to show your loyalty to your clan. Valhalla is one of the games you should never miss out on!

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Set in a fictional world in which dragons, witches, and warriors already exist, a Dragonborn has spawned, to end all wars between races! Bethesda Softworks was highly inspired by Norse mythology while making Skyrim, so keep your eyes out for some of the easter eggs while playing. Although the game has replaced many of the names from Norse legends, some are yet quite evident like The Divine Talos who can be compared to as the god Odin, and the Nine Worlds replaced with the Nine provinces.

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Hellblade – Senau’s Sacrifice

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade: Senau’s Sacrifice is an action-adventure game that will make you tear up in the first hour! Deeply inspired by Norse and Celtic mythology, Hellblade follows a girl called Senau who loses all her loved ones during a war. She goes on a journey to fight for the loved ones she’s lost and avenge them in her way, encountering things not seen before, and vast creatures with dangers unknown. Hellblade has a rich story for its player to enjoy!

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The Witcher – Wild hunt

Gaining its recent fame due to Netflix’s Witcher series, and its entry into pop culture, the game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, features many-a Slavic Mythical creatures but you get to experience this mystic world simply with your favorite moody character, Geralt! We see many references to mythical Slavic creatures in the game, while *Spoiler Warning* the spirit that took over Ciri’s body in the show’s second season (called Voleth Meir) is their take on the Baba Yaga.

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The Ghost of Tsushima

Unfortunately, PC players are missing out on an epic story that is exclusive to only PS4 and PS5 players! Taking place during the first Mongol invasion of Japan, players take control of a samurai named Jin Sakai who has sworn to protect the island of Tsushima from the invaders. The events in the game, Ghost of Tsushima, really happened, but the main characters were designed by Sucker Punch Production. In the console the game is beautiful, but we need it on PC!

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God of War

Ubisoft has another game deeply influenced by Greek, and Nordic mythology to the point where rumors have it, Thor might just make an appearance in 2022, the upcoming God of War Ragnarok. But we’re not talking about Ragnarok, we’re talking about 2018’s God of War that featured so many Nordic figures to the point where we gamers almost feel like we’ve predicted the end of Ragnarok! Kratos has been traveling through the Nine Realms all his life, killing god and goddess, but this game follows his bond with his song and is more like a filler to the upcoming game. But don’t get us wrong! The games are all masterpieces with the essence of their story being that of a father and son bonding through the death of their loved one.

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We hope you enjoyed our top 20 picks of games heavy on folklore and mythology. All these games offer the best bit of folklore they can (at least until Ragnarok comes out, or so we hope!) Join us next time for another Games Like instalment! Until then, go ahead and get your playthroughs for these picks!

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