Paper Dragon’s Multi-genre Expeditions

Last week it was all about Ruth Royall’s best tracks since her debut. Now, we are bringing you the expansive world of Royall’s band, as part of our ‘Artist of The Month’ series. After the inceptive stint of her solo project, Ruth Royall was keen on bringing the nostalgia of her Jazz days back, but this time with an electronic music spin.

She reached out to her friend Jonathan Savage, along with Bruce Turner and Kris Burton from the electronic duo Playhead. The result was Paper Dragon; a collective that combined the idea of songwriting with performance visuals with a progressive, pulsating touch which infused Drum & Bass, House, Soul and Electronica in it.

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Paper Dragon also have their record label, Our Space Records, which has given them the bandwidth to create and release the way they see fit. So far, a wide majority of their music has been released through the label.

Since their first release with ‘New Religion’ in 2019, Paper Dragon have ventured into a wide range of styles and genres of Electronic music. We are going through some of the tunes that will eventually go down as the band’s bonafide classics in the future!


Starting with the lush and ravey sounds of ‘Pin Drop’ from the band’s recently released EP, ‘Circuits’. Paper Dragon are on a mission of fusing the chest-thumping sounds of electronic with their trademark cinematic touch and turning them into club-ready material. With its rave elements and Ruth Royall’s absorbing vocals, Paper Dragon capture various eras of the UK Underground in a single tune.

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Grafix was Ruth Royall’s first collaborator when she ventured into Drum & Bass as an artist. This time, Ruth Royall brought the dancefloor Drum & Bass genius to Our Space Records. Taking similar terrains of  ‘Refuge’ which was their first tune together, Paper Dragon delivered an emotional jaw-dropper which can also be flipped as a dancefloor banger.


Rock meets Electronic with a blend of Jazz and Ska; ‘Self Control’ is all sorts of epic. This time Ruth Royall brings her intense vocals into a tune that stretches across a number of genres with its syncopated drum work and it also falls right in the alley of Paper Dragon’s penchant for playing around different styles and genres.


Yet another Paper Dragon tune that strongly resonates the band’s exploratory ethos and shapeshifts between different styles of electronic music. ‘Be Free’s spaced out and dubby textures are carried perfectly by Ruth Royall with her infectious voice for a beauty that pivots between a club and couch tune.


You are probably wondering why we have included a remix, but how can we possibly ignore this stunning rework of Paper Dragon’s ‘Reach’ from CLIQUES. whose identity is yet to be established. With the kind of music they are making, like Dawn Wall, it is certain that CLIQUES. are seasoned campaigners in the scene. The remix, however, takes the Breakbeat wave of the original into a gorgeous melodic Drum & Bass journey to for fitting sundowner tune.

Paper Dragon have got some solid music lined up this year, so keep an eye out and also watch out for our next feature that will see us narrating the candid chat that we had with the Drum & Bass superstar.

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