Trosk’s Tropical House Soundscapes

When Trosk releases music, there is nobody better in the country in his Tropical House realm. Since his debut in 2019, the Mumbai-based producer has been one of the finest exports from the country in the global Tropical House scene.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Avicii and Kygo, Trosk explored the world of Tropical House for the best part of 4 years before deciding to take his love for the genre to the next level. It eventually led to the inception of “Trosk”, with “Tro” coming from the word Tropical and “Sk” from Bask which denotes relaxation and also captures the genre’s lounge-y vibe in his name.

Following the release of his first tune ‘No Time For You’ in 2019, Trosk has gone on to release some of the freshest Tropical music. With support from names like Lost Frequencies, he has relentlessly championed the genre he loves for 3 years, amassing over a million streams on Spotify.

Trosk ended the year with a bubbly tune with Agnes Cecilia, and to kickstart the new year, he has released a gorgeous summertime number with Swedish singer & songwriter Emilia Milton called ‘Hearts On Fire’. We caught up with Trosk and Emilia for a quick chat about the release, and here’s what they had to say.

How did the Trosk journey begin?

Trosk: After discovering Avicii and Kygo’s music in 2014 I was very amazed by their music, I mean the way they made melodies and stuff was really cool from the rest of the music I used to listen to that time. Then I got more into listening to slower, chill style music which Kygo was releasing.

I started doing more research on Kygo’s music and got to know that the music he makes was making was called Tropical House, Then for the best part of the last 4 years, I spent my time exploring more of Tropical House Music as a listener; and finally in 2018, is when I decided to take my love for Tropical House to the next level, and I started producing my own music and this eventually led to the inception of “Trosk” with “Tro” coming from the word Tropical and “Sk” from Bask which means relaxing.

after several trials and errors, I released my first piece of music “No Time For You” in 2019 with the amazing singer-songwriter Riha Desai aka “Riha”. After the success of this song, there was no looking back. Special thanks to Riha and Agnes Cecilia, They both helped to play a major role in my music success.

What was the defining moment in picking Tropical House as your standout genre?

Trosk: After releasing a few tracks in tropical chill house style I was sure and confident about my music style like whatever I was making people were listening and even I was really enjoying and having fun with the process and my music and I was giving my best to it that was the same moment I decided – whatever I will do I will do to in Tropical House, of course, After Listening to Kygo’s “Firestone” everything has changed for me.

You have already landed your first release of the year with Emilia Milton. How did the collaboration come about?

Trosk: I discovered Emilia on my Spotify’s release radar playlist and after hearing her song, I immediately fell in love with her voice. After a few days, I reached out to her and asked if she was interested in collaboration. Luckily She got back to me and said yes –  I was like wow now I have to do my best with music. I immediately started working on the instrumental ideas and sent her, she sent back some vocal ideas, and it went like this for a few weeks and in a month and a half, we finished the final master. It was so much so fun writing this song together with her and we were really happy with how it turned out.

Emilia, your euphoric voice compliments Trosk’s style perfectly. What are your thoughts on the tune?

Emilia: Thank you so much for the kind words! I am so proud and happy with how it turned out with the melodies, arrangement and message combined. I think we captured a very wonderful feeling and a current topic that is important to remember. It has such a happy and powerful atmosphere that makes you feel hopeful and euphoric. That’s also why I chose the topic “Hearts On Fire” for the lyric. And with Trosk’s magical work, it turned out great. I’m so happy about this song.

Trosk, what is your opinion on the Tropical House scene in India?

Trosk: I see so many peoples are enjoying listening to tropical house music in recent years and even some more artists and producers are also taking interest in this genre than ever before and I’m pretty sure in the future Tropical House Music is going to be big in India.

Emilia, before ‘Hearts on Fire’ you have explored other genres as well. How do you envision your journey forward with your music?

Emilia: I’m still fairly new as an artist and like every artist, I strive to expand and meet new audiences. I have had the privilege of working with some really good and nice producers in recent years, and that is something I want to explore and develop even more in the future. Right now I am also working on my solo project which will be more independent and within the pop genre. So a mix of these directions.

What are Trosk’s and Emilia Milton’s plans for this year?

Trosk: – My plan is pretty simple to connect with more new artists, singer-songwriters and is to release more music than ever before.  I really can’t wait to share all the projects I’m working on.

Emilia: – I already have some really exciting sessions booked which will hopefully result in new music that can be released during the year. This year will be about exploring and creating, more than ever.

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