TFword Selects: Rock + Metal – Jan ‘22

We bring you a series of monthly playlists, by selecting the freshest and sickest music that’s making waves out there and putting it into a comprehensive list! On the heavier side of things, we give you – TFword Selects: Rock + Metal for the month of January, ’22. Listed below are our top 10 picks.

Michael Romeo – Divide & Conquer

The first single from his upcoming second album ‘War Of The Worlds, Pt. 2’, Michael Romeo of Symphony X guitar fame dropped ‘Divide & Conquer’ earlier this month. Following up to the heaviness of ‘War Of The Worlds, Pt. 1’, it looks like this amalgamated sound of combining heavy and borderline prog metal with symphonic elements is working out really well. Adding to the glorious texture of the song is the Croatian crooner Dino Jelusick, completing the magnanimous sound with a catchy chorus and harmonized vocal accentuations every now and then. A new sound that sees the incorporation and syncopated riffs along with some old school elements and strategic use of symphonic breaks – probably the perfect combination to take metal music into the future!

Underoath – We’re All Gonna Die

Underoath’s latest album ‘Voyeurist’ sees the use of ambient textures, clean sung harmonizing melodies coupled with intense screaming vocals and patented heavy riffing bonded together with a groove-centric rhythm section. Self-produced by the band, a first for them, this album is as cohesive as it gets where the sound and the lyrical themes are concerned. Both songs ‘Numb’ and ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ are our selections as the top songs on the album. Overall, it’s raw, honest and unadulterated.

Bloodywood – Aaj

Indian metal band Bloodywood return with yet another heavy and hard-hitting single from their upcoming album ‘Rakshak’, scheduled for release this February. Creeping in with a melodious flute part, the song blasts into a heavy groove, with pacing riffs, and pounding drum parts. Raoul’s raps teamed with Jayant Bhadula’s growl and clean parts elevate the song completely, sending out a motivational message about sparking the fire within you, and rising from the ashes. This powerful track can give you goosebumps every time you listen to it, and features a tiny vocal feature by Archy J, the Indian bagpipe queen.


From their upcoming album ‘The Death of Peace of Mind’ which is slated to drop on 25th Feb., ’22, via Sumerian Records, Virginia based American metal band Bad Omens released a music video for the single ‘ARTIFICIAL SUICIDE’. This song showcases their heavier side, drifting into what sounds like a darker metalcore sort of sound, combining groovy upbeat drums and riffing with the climactic slow breakdown at the end. The bark-style growls tend to remind you of Phil Bozeman’s (Whitechapel) vocal texture and combine weirdly well with the quieter singing and speaking vocals that are plugged in at opportune moments in breaks here and there.

Falling In Reverse – ZOMBIFIED

Las Vegas based rock band Falling In Reverse released a new single ‘ZOMBIFIED’ from the upcoming EP ‘Neon Zombie’ which is coming “soon”, according to the band. This comes after the band’s last release, the number one platinum single ‘Popular Monster’, in 2020. The accompanying music video shows the band fighting zombies, symbolic for the way the media has hypnotized and zombified people in reality. A heavy sounding song with melodic vocal hooks and a brutal bridge, ‘ZOMBIFIED’ is an easy-to-sing-along, yet headbang-worthy piece of modern rock music.

Korn – Forgotten

American metal band Korn dropped the single ‘Forgotten’ earlier this month, making it the second single from their upcoming album Requiem which is slated for release on February 4th, 2022. Korn is still one of those artists who’ve evolved their breed of nu metal, while still retaining a sound that’s unique to them, and ‘Forgotten’ is an example of that. The song brings punchy guitar riffs backed by heavy drums, and Jonathan Davis’ signature vocal and lyrical themes. Requiem is a follow-up to Korn’s 2019 album The Nothing, and we can’t wait for this one. Watch out for tour dates from Korn who will be supported by Chevelle and Code Orange.

Girish And The Chronicles – Hail To The Heroes

Known for his angelic anthemic voice, one of India’s most prominent voices of rock ‘n’ roll, Girish Pradhan shines through in the latest single from Girish and The Chronicles – ‘Hail To The Heroes’. Perfectly produced for their genre, that fat 80’s snare drum sound sits just right in the middle of highly driven yet smooth sounding wall of guitars and some steadfast work on the bass guitar, complimenting the guitars and the drums perfectly well. Girish and The Chronicles is your modern answer to the evolution of that glam rock meets heavy metal sound, adding on-point production, glorious choruses and tight song writing.

Muse – Won’t Stand Down

British 3-piece powerhouse Muse dropped a new single ‘Won’t Stand Down’. It’s great to hear them go heavier than usual and re-explore their distorted roots, sounding slightly like their 2003 album ‘Absolution’, further adding a slightly modern metal touch with a couple of slowed-down breakdowns and sparingly-used syncopated double-bass with what’s clearly metal riffing from eccentric front-man Matthew Bellamy. However, they have maintained their newer commercial pop sound in the verses. The shift to the first chorus is quite surprising, because of the sudden riff that ensues and changes the dynamic of the song completely. Mixing up their polished pop sound with the old raw riff energy is a combination that would be really exciting to hear in their music ahead!

Joe Satriani – Sahara

Guitar icon Joe Satriani is set to release his 19th studio album called The Elephants of Mars this April, leading with this single ‘Sahara’. The 65-year-old guitar player released his album Shapeshifting last year. ‘Sahara’ is a fuse of tasty note selection, guitar melodies, and some folk instruments like Cümbü? and Oud, supporting Satch’s vision of mixing interesting creative elements into an instrumental guitar album.  The song yells catchy riffs and lilting guitar parts to remember!

Scorpions – Rock Believer

If you ask anyone about Scorpions, maybe your parents will tell you how they’ve always been one of the biggest rock bands since 1965! Nearing their 50-year anniversary, the band never stopped touring and putting out albums albeit some lineup changes. ‘Rock Believer’ is a nostalgic-sounding tune, with a video that encapsulates the band’s journey growing up was musicians, forming a band, touring the world and packing arenas, all while staying true to rock and roll! The catchy chorus ‘Scream for me screamer, I’m a rock believer like you!’ make the song relatable to musicians and fans of rock music alike!

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