TFword Selects: Dubstep – Jan ‘22

Dubstep in 2021 has effectively killed all notions of the genre’s downward progression. It is in fact going through one of the best times in its recent history.

January 2022 has given us more proof that the marauding sounds of Dubstep are back in full force! We are picking some of the best tunes from the month that we feel will compel you into euphoria. Here we go!



Subtronics, Zeds Dead and Flowdan is a match that just couldn’t have gone wrong. This is a collaboration that you won’t see too often. Three titans of Bass music have come together for a tune that ticks all the boxes of a certified Dubstep banger. Part of Subtronics’ forthcoming album, ‘Fractals’, ‘Gassed Up’ brings the old school era of dubstep with the USA’s lurching & aggressive wubby bass style together in a single tune.



Leo Cap is a music-making machine. The man eats, drinks and sleeps music, and one thing that he doesn’t compromise on, is his production quality. Churning out Drum & Bass releases as Black Barrel, Leo Cap is the Russian virtuoso’s Dubstep project, and so far, he hasn’t put a foot wrong. Released on J.Sparrow’s Navy Cut imprint, ‘Stunning’ brings back the deep and meditative sounds of Dubstep that dominated playlists and clubs during its peak years.



Long and emotional intros and decimating drops are back! After a relatively quiet 2020 and 2021, Kill The Noise, who is regarded as one of the finest in the Dubstep genre, has returned – and this time is for his second studio album after ‘Occult Classic’ in 2015. All set to be released on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records, ‘Don’t Look Back’ takes the ethos of the label on board with its emotive vocal-laden intro followed by a resounding drop.



DarkMode which is PAV4N’s all things bass music label has only known one thing since its inception, and that is, releasing bangers every time they put out a release. Following the successful release of Xakra and RAAQEL’s ‘Chips’, Dubstep magnates Youngsta and Nomine have turned the tune’s vibey and lyrical narrative into a proper peak time 140 BPM banger with their tight and crunching style music.



After Kill The Noise’s album tune, it’s time for Ophelia Records boss, Seven Lions, to make his appearance in our selection of this month’s best Dubstep tunes. The undisputed overlord of emotional Dubstep music is back with his renowned long intros and transcendental drops are finally back. The less we talk about it the better. ‘See You Again’ is the title track of Seven Lions’ EP which flexes his imperious command over the Dubstep sound. Just sit back and enjoy.



Another legendary Dubstep artist who had a relatively quiet 2021 but has returned guns blazing in 2022! One of the masters of the meditative style of Dubstep is back with a 4-track EP, and it’s magnificent, to say the least. Taken from the 4-track Karthaus EP, J:Kenzo takes us back to the Dubstep sounds that we dearly love with his trademark progressions and bass noises. Give us some more J:Kenzo already!



Sully is Detroit based producer, Christopher Sullivan’s brainchild. With his melodic soundscapes, guttural sound design, and woven textures, Sully proves time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with in the bass music community. His recent tune with Super Ave. doesn’t mess about and begins its carnage right from the first second, reminding us of the bass frequencies we have smashed our heads to.



Oxóssi’s meteoric rise to the top should not come as a surprise to the Dubstep fraternity. Taking the tear-out style of Dubstep, Oxóssi adds his trademark instrumental elements and percussions to make his music a niche in its own right. His latest tune on Silent Motion Records takes the same route with its percussions and drums to create a sonic rocket that is aggressive and frenetic.



Hailing from Latvia and based in Leeds, Breakfake is a producer whose musical repertoire varies across a wide spectrum of contemporary bass music. Breakfake’s sound system journey has begun this year with an EP on Duploc. ‘Resolution’ is influenced by the dusky harmonies, deep low-end and tribal rhythmic patterns around the 140 BPM axis.



Another Leeds-based producer whose dub/reggae fusion is taking over the masses at a frightening pace, Mungk has already received support from the likes of Commodo, J:Kenzo, Jack Sparrow and Sicaria Sound. His latest tunes explains why he commands a unique niche within the UK’s bass music scene. Taking his signature hip-hop style sampling and world music influences, Mungk brings eastern elements on top of an eerie bassline on ‘Sanskrit’.

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We’ll be back with our next selection of some more exciting Dubstep music in the coming month. Keep an eye out! Until then, get these tracks onto your playlists and get listening!


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