The World’s Top Dance Music Veterans

With dance music taking the world by storm, this generation is the biggest yet!

Each and every genre has found a home under its wings because of its all-encompassing spectrum. However, it wasn’t always that way. It is ironic that a genre that has been so well received now was considered a pariah when it began. They say that people fear what they do not understand, and this is what happened to dance music. The music evolved slowly and steadily, eventually becoming the voice of the people. It shaped not only the music but also the culture.
In reverence to those who made the magic happen, here is a list of the world’s top veterans of Dance Music:

Frankie Knuckles

Image Acquired Via Slant Magazine.

The son of disco and the most stereotypical genre of all time had a devotee. Frankie Knuckles, dubbed “The Godfather”, has dedicated his life to house music. From coining the term “House” to winning the first Grammy for remixing, he has left a legacy for future generations. With every 4/4 beat played on the floor, his Chicago love lives on.


Carl Craig

Consider the most abstract genre, Techno had the quiet thinker by its side. With the inherence of Detroit Techno,  Carl Craig brought melodic richness to the cold motor city. In his work with both, music and technology, he pushed the boundaries of what techno could be.


DJ Hatcha

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The first person to pick up on dark strains, DJ Hatcha was largely responsible for turning the genre into an institution and making dubstep into a super genre of its own. As a regular at Kiss and Rinse FM, he has gone from strength to strength, promoting dubstep to a broader audience.



Goldie is the Pioneer of Drum ‘n’ Bass, the most complex genre of all time. As the leader of the jungle movement, he represented the voice of the British youth. His sole focus was the music, which led him to start Metalheadz, one of the first labels to bring jungle and bass together bettering things for the future.


Paul van Dyk

Paul has brought listeners across the globe to the dance floor by taking himself and trance music on an exciting journey to the top. Just as the genre brought love to dance music, Paul brings the same emotion back as he renditions his iconic tracks.


Zed Bias

Image Acquired Via Spotify.

Machinist of the most fancied genre of all time, Zed Bias has brought joy to the dance floor over the years. One of the few who have managed to push the UKG sound forward, along with achieving commercial success.



Tchami is regarded as a pioneer of future house music and is the only good boy of the “Pardon My French” collective. He attributes the change brought about by his music to his spirituality. He is also the one who coined the term for the genre. He respects fans of the genre and it’s because of this that he receives the same treatment.


Afrika Bambaataa

Image Acquired Via MN2S.

It is a king’s duty to give, and Afrika Bambaataa has given so much to the scene. The originator of breakbeat and one of the creators of Hip-Hop, the DJ and the original leader of the Zulu Nation shaped music’s main ideals. Everywhere he goes, he spreads the gospel of hip-hop.



Kygo is the happiest kid in dance music and the key figure for popularising tropical house music. He has established one of the largest dance music communities in the world with his Palm Tree Crew. Kygo has set out to make the notion of  “P.L.U.R” stronger than before by bringing happiness and connection to the scene.



Hardstyle is poised to become a super genre sooner or later, thanks to Willem Rebergen AKA Headhunterz. In recent years, a genre that was once considered unlikable and loud has become a fan favorite. With his newly formed label, ‘Art of Creation,’ he strives for quality and greatness with the aim of showing what hardstyle can truly be on the world’s biggest stages.



You cannot explain or express the music of Flume verbally; you must listen to it and feel it to truly comprehend it. A pioneer of Future Bass Music, he is considered one of the most innovative artists dance music has ever produced.


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