DnB Legend Junk Mail Returns To RAM Records

In the last couple of years, we have seen a number of notable artists who were on a hiatus make a comeback into the scene with their menacing best. This has already begun with Renegade Hardware Boss, Clayton Hines, confirming the label’s return with Renegade Recordings.

The next big news of an emphatic return has come from RAM Records, and its a big one. Stefan Anfield aka Junk Mail has returned to the label for a smashing two-track release. And as expected, both the releases are proper straight down the plate Drum & Bass bangers!

We would be lying if we said that ‘Send It’ and ‘Radiogram’ didn’t remind us of the days when Stefan was bossing the scene with Laurie Carroll through their Mind Vortex duo.

‘Send It’ is an ode to the classic ‘Mind Vortex’ sound with its big room sonics and grimey textures. But Junk Mail gives his detonating touch with the gigantic riddim tinged drops. ‘Radiogram’ on the other hand, takes the hybrid route with its Jump Up aesthetics that are targeted for the dancefloor.

We had a chance to have a quick chat with the legendary producer about his experience since adopting the Junk Mail alias, his plans for the future, and lots more!

How has the experience been for you since adopting the Junk Mail alias?

Junk Mail: I’ve really enjoyed this venture as Junk Mail. It’s been a great opportunity to explore ideas and develop a unique sound for myself. And having Andy C & A.M.C really supporting my new material, it’s been great seeing the reception from the audience and crowds around the world. Couldn’t be happier about it right now!

How was the feeling like playing your music to thousands of Drum & Bass heads at the SSE Arena?

Junk Mail: It was a great honour and a super special moment for me. Knowing that the event was a special occasion for Drum & Bass and Andy C really added to the unique vibe of it all. I started my set with a few rollers and built up to the end to play my recent tunes and when I did, that just blew me away. The crowd were all singing to Fire & Water and after the long hard lockdowns we endured, this moment just made up for all the months being away from shows and performing.

Can we expect more Junk Mail music this year?

Junk Mail: Oh, for sure. I have a collaboration with A.M.C which has been creating a lot of hype which I’m super excited about and a few from myself. I’ve been working hard in the studio as we speak, writing new material as well, so this year should be a good year for music.

…and finally, can we expect Mind Vortex’s return anytime in the future?

Junk Mail: I really don’t know to be fair, and it is something I get asked a lot so there is definitely a vibe from people that they would like to see something happen. We have both moved on with our musical journey and so maybe we could do something together but maybe under our new aliases. So, we will see. It would be a very special moment if we did do something!

Grab your copy of Junk Mail’s release – HERE 

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