Calyx & Teebee Drop A Vocal-Drilled Single on RAM

Drum & Bass music has two important fundamentals, and they are soul and grit. Generally, artists pick either side and run with it, moulding their craft to suit. However, there are a handful of artists who are able to combine both worlds – and Calyx & Teebee have mastered that art.

Having begun their careers as individual producers, and having known each other since 1998 from the days when they were associated with the illustrious Drum & Bass imprint, Calyx & Teebee decided to join forces in 2004 and turn their prolific individual abilities into a duet.

Since then, Calyx & Teebee have commanded themselves a reverent position in the Drum & Bass fraternity through their enormous back catalogue, and one that inspired the likes of Noisia to make music. Bringing British and Nordic energy together, Calyx & Teebee have carved a niche which focuses on delivering hyperclean productions consisting of soul and grit sounds.

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Along with an endless list of singles and EPs, Calyx Teebee have packed two albums that showcase their penchant for forward-thinking and energy-packed music.

‘All Or Nothing’, which was their first studio album in 2012 after signing exclusively to RAM Records, was a kaleidoscopic array of music that sideswiped the scene with its jaw-dropping showcase of creations and collaborations. It also began their journey of fusing Calyx’s vocals in their productions going forward.


‘Elevate This Sound’, which was a part of the ‘All Or Nothing’ album, swept numerous awards for the ‘Best Single’. The track combined Calyx’s vocals and the duo’s heavyweight bass rifts; what followed was a string of releases like ‘Long Gone’ and ‘Nothing Left’, that followed the same pattern, with zero compromises in their quality.

The duo’s last tune that took similar terrains was their 2018 single ‘Intravenous’. And 4 years after meticulously releasing their music, Calyx & Teebee have released a snappy and carefully constructed banger called ‘Anything For Attention’ on RAM Records.

As you would expect from a Calyx & Teebee tune, the heavyweight bass rifts and hard-hitting cuts come into play with the tune’s snapping instrumentation and tantalizing progression, sheltered under Calyx’s profound vocals. It’s a tune for the ages and we don’t expect ‘Anything For Attention’ to leave DJ sets anytime soon!


Grab your copy of  ‘Anything For Attention’ – HERE 

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