TF Spotlight: Aira Set to Release New Single ‘Hurricane’

In 2021, Aira had her musical debut with ‘Golden Hour’. The synth-pop and rock-infused track laid the precedent for her upcoming and second single titled ‘Hurricane’.

‘Hurricane’ is set to release on February 13th, 2022, and is produced by Michael Timothy, who also worked with Aira on ‘Golden Hour’.

After multiple revisits and six months spent on its creation, Aira is now ready to present her duly anticipated sophomore track. “I was very decisive about what I wanted to do with the song and was sure about what I wanted it to sonically and lyrically embody. So, I’m very proud of the version you’re about to hear on the 13th,” she says as she awaits its release.

TFword had a quick chat with Aira discussing her soon-to-be-released track ‘Hurricane’ on February 13th, produced by Michael Timothy.

TFword: What inspired you to write ‘Hurricane’?

AIRA: Hurricane embraces strong undertones of assertiveness and self-assurance that stem from finally coming to terms with the fact that you deserve better than an anxiety-ridden, boundaryless, elusive or undefined relationship.

‘Hurricane’ is sonically different from ‘Golden Hour’, how do the two tracks stand apart from each other for you?

AIRA: I think, for me, Golden Hour was an experiment to see if recording music was something I could do. I’m a songwriter primarily, so it was quite a leap from writing songs for myself on my bedroom floor to going into the studio and having a shot at recording and putting out music that way. Hence, there was a persistent gnawing doubt with almost shaky hands if I belonged there. In contrast, by the time I made Hurricane, I was a lot more secure and sure of who I was as an artist, and what I wanted to do with the track. Plus, the experience of writing Hurricane was cathartic.

You’ve collaborated again with Michael Timothy, who was also the producer of your debut single ‘Golden Hour’. What is it that binds you to work together?

AIRA: I’d worked with a few producers before I made Golden Hour and it just didn’t click as well as it did with Michael. I absolutely adored his work and was a huge fan before I worked with him, still am. I’m so grateful that he decided to work on Hurricane.

It’s been a while since you released your last track, what have you been up to?

AIRA: I hadn’t publicly said it but I took a break after Golden Hour. I needed that break away from social media to work on my mental health and also understand that art could exist even outside of public validation. So it was a huge surprise for me to see the impact golden hour had without me being there to promote it. I ended up exploring a lot more artists and sounds, and it immensely helped me find my ground as a singer-songwriter.

How do you think you have grown as an artist since the release of your debut track?

AIRA: As I mentioned, over the last year I spent a significant amount of time experimenting with different songwriting styles, exploring different artists, their stories and music, which significantly helped with finding my sound as an artist. Although I must say, I’m only still starting out. So, I’m hoping to further learn and grow and try out new things.

What do you have lined up for the future?

AIRA: I’m still writing, I’ve never had a better relationship with music than now. I hope to keep going with my foot on the gas and hopefully, I’ll be back with new music soon enough. But for now, Hurricane is what I got for you!

‘Hurricane’ will be out on streaming platforms on February 13, 2022.


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This interview has been edited for clarity.

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