Nasha Records’ Eastern Drum & Bass Excursions

In the last edition of our ‘Artist Of The Month’ series for the month of February, we gave you a glimpse of the intense, deep and intriguing world of Nasha Experience through their beginnings, and their record labels.

For the next feature, we will take a look at some of the finest tunes from Nasha Experience’s catalogue which were released on their Nasha Records imprint.

Starting the label in 2003, Nasha Records went from their penchant for Drum & Bass and Breaks to the deep and meditative sounds of Dubstep in the late 2000s. Since then, the group has steadily built a catalogue that boats some of the finest creations of the Asian Underground.

Strap your seatbelts and get ready for a musical ride that will leave you in a different dimension!


We start off with the second tune from the label’s first-ever release in 2003. Ges-e, who is one of the label’s founders, teamed up with the renowned Visionary Underground collective, who are known for their electro, Drum & Bass and Breakbeat exploits on ‘Ektaa’. Featuring grimey, progressive, and hypnotic eastern elements, Nasha Records’ ‘Ektaa’ has set the tone for what’s to come with just their first release.


Next up is Ges-e and Equal-i’s surreal rendition of the late Lata Mangeshkar’s 2001 song ‘So Gaye Hain’ from the movie Zubeidaa. Taken from the second edition of the label’s Eastern Drum & Breaks compilation, Ges-e and Equal-i gave this track a pulsating touch while keeping the core elements of the original intact. Together, they have created an Asian Underground masterpiece. This is a tune for the ages!


‘Harappa’ came when Nasha Records slowly started making a move from their Drum & Bass and Breaks ethos to the deeper and aggressive sounds of Dubstep. This peaked when ‘Harappa’ was released. Named after the first modern city of the world, the tune is creates a perfect setting: a dark basement with practically no lights, and Dubstep heads packed in the room. Proper banger.


Nasha Records’ catalogue could also be a great tribute to the great Lata Mangeshkar, who sadly left us last week. Sukh Knight joined Nasha Experience in the mid-2000s, when the Dubstep sound had started packing clubs in the UK. Sukh Knight’s entry brought in his own influences to the label at the time. Part of Nasha Records’ Volume 3 of their compilations series, the tune features a sample from Lata Mangeshkar’s 1982 track ‘Humne Sanam Ko Khat Likha’ from the movie ‘Shakti’.


One of the label’s best tunes in our opinion and yet another masterpiece from one of the label’s creators. ‘Seven’ by Ges-e is a proper Drum & Bass journey. The track is laced with euphoric eastern vocal samples that send listeners straight into hyperdrive. Released in 2013, ‘Seven’ was a part of the ‘Black Orchid’ EP which featured the entire Nasha crew, Vacious, Stranjah, and Ketz, on 5 delicious Asian Underground cuts.


Another one from the ‘Black Orchid’ EP, ‘808’ brought the entire Nasha Experience crew together on a tune. We run out of superlatives when we try to describe the beauty of this tune. Just sit back and enjoy.


After some Drum & Bass and Dubstep, it’s time for some Breaks. And guess what? It’s Ges-e again! The man is a magician who weaves his influences and styles with supreme perfection. Bringing Ketz back onto the label after the ‘Black Orchid’ EP, ‘Lagare’ goes in with its hypnotic textures, rolling subs and crunching drums.

With that, we conclude this mesmerizing journey of Nasha Experience’s record label that stands two decades. Next week, we will bring you some of the best tunes from their sub-label, Hundred Colours Music. Until then, tune in to these and lose yourself!

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