TF Daily Feed: Ghost Village Emerges in Spain After Drought

Owing to drought and shortage of rainfall, a ghost village has emerged on the Spanish-Portuguese border after being submerged 30 years ago.

The small village was recently discovered when the Alto Lindoso reservoir dropped to 15% of its water capacity. Lack of rainfall is credited for this unveiling. The village has been submerged for the last thirty years under the river Limia.

According to a Reuters report, this village in Galicia was intentionally flooded in order to create the reservoir. The ruins of this area now display a mucky gray village with muddy cracked-up soil, multi-storied old houses, wooden barricades, stone walls, crumpled roofs, and degraded debris all over. Also recovered are old crates with bottles, a rusted washed-up old car and a community water tap.

In an interview on the Daily Mail’s Youtube channel, Maria del Carmen Yanez – the mayor of The Larger Lobios council, said, “Tourism is welcome as long as people act and behave responsibly and use their common sense”. Tourists visiting the dried-out village include former residents and construction workers of that area. The drought is also be attributed to the mismanagement of resources by power companies that runs the reservoir.


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Feature Image Via Reuters.

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