Hundred Colours Music’s Exploratory Bass Music

In the last edition of our ‘Artist Of The Month’ series, we took you on a ride in the world of Nasha Experience’s primary label, Nasha Records and their Eastern Drum & Bass excursions. Now, for our next feature, we will delve into the world of the group’s sub-label, Hundred Colours Music, which explores the experimental side of Bass music.

Nasha Records was formed by Ges-e and Sobur Ahmed in 2003 with the aim of pushing the Drum & Bass, Dubstep and the Breaks side of the Asian Underground to the fore, which they have done successfully for two decades.

After playing with a specified template of sounds for the best part of twenty years, Nasha Experience felt the need to have a deviation that would allow them to explore the wide forms of Bass music that did not fit their Nasha Records’ ethos. And that’s how Hundred Colours Music came to life.

Since their inception in 2015, Hundred Colours Music have released fresh tunes from the Nasha Experience crew as individual producers, while bringing fresh talent to the label. We are going to go through some of our favorite tunes from Nasha Experience’s exploratory world of Hundred Colours Music.



Hundred Colours Music have released 8 EPs so far and each EP has a bare minimum of 2 brilliant tracks. This mind-numbing Dubstep number from Shandy comes from the label’s first-ever release called the ‘Mandala’ EP. With just the first EP, you can notice the Hybrid narrative of Hundred Colours music that Nasha Experience was trying to achieve. Deep, dark, and moody but with a cutting edge ring, ‘Yaad’ ticks all the boxes.



Our next selection, and it’s from the label’s second EP called ‘Aaja Tumhe’, which was released right after the ‘Mandala’ EP in 2015. Within the first few strides of the tune, ‘Barrels Of Oil’ pulls you into its futuristic vibe with its Eastern cinematics and loud bass growls that are laid on top of a Drum & Bass beat.



Exhibit number 3 from Hundred Colours Music’s experimental world, and this one, like ‘Barrels of Oil’, follows the same drum lead. This time, however, it’s for a yearning and a steppy slow burner with underlying tension that makes for the perfect mid-set banger.



Deep, dark and hypnotic, yet melodic – that’s the beauty of Barasingha’s music. Nasha Experience brought Barasingha on the label from the deepest trenches of the Asian Underground, and ‘Chandrayan’ with Nuphlo is the proof. Barasingha’s off-kilter beat structure combined with Nuphlo’s hard-edged style is a match made in heaven.



Nuphlo’s influence on Hundred Colours Music is evident through the label’s punchy delivery style. This time it’s with one of the earliest members from the Nasha Experience crew, Osmani Soundz. ‘Blueberry Junction’ is a percussion-laden Drum & Bass marvel that will make people chew their faces, if played in a small and dark rave.



Sukh Knight, who is one of the youngest members of the Nasha Experience, is also a superhero in his own right in the Dubstep world. A deep, tense Drum & Bass humdinger is just what we needed for Sukh Knight’s first appearance on Hundred Colours Music, and that is ‘Conquest’.

Listen to Hundred Colours Discography in all its glory – HERE


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