Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 23 Review

Spoiler warning! We are doing a quick summary of the latest episode of Attack On Titan season 4, with important moments that have taken place in Episode 23, titled ‘Sunset.’

In the previous episode of Attack on Titans, Eren successfully starts the rumbling and unleashes over a million Colossal Titans from the three walls. He also undoes the hardening around Annie, who had been in a crystal ball for four years.

In Episode 23, we finally get Annie’s backstory, and how she felt for those four years trapped in that crystal ball. We also see the unexpected survival of Captain Levi and Hange after Zeke’s brutal attack that left one sole survivor alive.

People Question If Eren Is Doing The Right Thing 

The episode begins with hundreds, if not thousands, of Colossal Titans marching towards Marley, destroying everything in their path. This includes the Eldians living near the borders, who die under loosened rubble and bricks from falling and rumbling walls. 

Hitch, one of Eren’s classmates, and the only one taking care of Annie while she was locked in her crystal state, tends to those Rose, Maria and Sina, who were among the wounded.

Meanwhile, the Eldians who live in Marley try warning the guards of Eren. However, the guards follow their gut, deny the Eldians warnings, and instead have them all arrested. Annie tries to explain to the guards what they saw was real, but is then held at gunpoint by one of the guards, with her father’s fate unknown. 

What Will Erwin Smith Do & Will Eren’s Friends help him? 

Ever since Erwin Smith died in the battle for the gates of Shingunshina and spared Armin’s life, Armin has constantly felt the pressure and need to stay composed and do the right thing alongside the Scouts. Watching Eren destroy the entire world while the people Armin cared about died drove him insane.

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Meanwhile, Mikasa is still clouded by her judgement, as the last time she spoke to Eren, he claimed the Ackermen were experimented on. His claims also stated that they are destined to always serve the Founding Titan, and that their blood forces them to comply with every order.

Afraid of making the wrong choice, Mikasa goes to gather Jean and the others to figure out the next best plan. However, by then, Floch is already following Eren’s commands.


Annie’s Backstory

After the rumbling began, and the walls revealed the Colossal Titans within them, Annie’s crystal case also breaks, freeing her after four long years. Annie’s classmate, Hitch, was assigned to watch over her, but left Annie to tend to those injured in Paradis. 

After helping out with first aid, Hitch sees a slimy solution on the floor. He follows its track to a room, where Annie had laid out a trap to escape Paradis and return to her father, whom she promised to return to. Annie’s entrapment, however, left her severely weakened, so her plan quickly goes south.


We then learn that Annie was an orphan, whose parents were an Eldian and a Marleyan, who left her to die. Annie was saved by Mr. Leonhart, who adopted her and trained her to become strong so he could have the title of an honorary Marleyan. She was forced to train and defeat her old man, until she finally beat him to a pulp and broke his knee. 

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After gaining the Female Titan, her father begged her not to leave, and she finally understood what he did was wrong. He displayed love for the first time and pleads with her not to leave. She then promised him that she will return home and things would change.

Levi Alive? 

Well, Zeke failed again. By the end of the episode, we see the Cart Titan noticing the rumbling from a distance, and Marley’s reinforcements have begun to retreat to warn their nation about Eren. Meanwhile, Hange has retrieved the broken-down body of Captain Levi, whose life is hanging on by a thread, when the Cart Titan notices them from afar. 

We don’t know if the Cart Titan will just kill them both or now, since their common enemy is Eren, they will side with each other to end this final war. We won’t know till next week, so don’t forget to watch the latest episode before hoping here for another break down!

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