Best Drama TV Shows and Movies You Should Watch in February 2022

We have rounded up a pile of movies and shows for those with a taste for drama and heavy-hitting storylines. Our picks include Emmy-nominated shows, Korean dramas, highly anticipated sequels, Portuguese family dramas and more!

Here are our picks for the best drama shows and movies you should watch in February 2022!

Euphoria (Season Two)


BAFTA-nominated drama series Euphoria is back on streaming services for another season. The show takes us into the drama-filled life of teenager Ruby “Rue” Bennett, a recovering drug addict and her college friends. The plot revolves around the teenagers dealing with their relationships, their future plans, drugs and trauma.

Created and written by Sam Levinson, who also serves as executive producer, the show has a cast list, including Zendaya (Spiderman, The Greatest Showman), Colman Domingo (The Birth of a Nation, Candyman) Maude Apatow, Angus Cloud, Eric Dane and more.

Zendaya earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress for her portrayal of Rue in this show.

Watch ‘Euphoria’: HULU | HBO Max Disney+ Hotstar

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Twenty-Five Twenty-One


Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a South Korean drama series directed by Jung Ji-Hyun. The story is set in two time periods of a young couple who rekindle their relationship four years apart. Battling a financial crisis and difficulties that rise then on, their dreams and ambitions seem out of reach.

The show casts Kim Tae Ri, who won the Best New Actress at the 37th Blue Dragon Awards in 2016 for her acting in ‘The Handmaiden’. And actor Nam Joo-hyuk, who won the Seoul Award for Best New Actor for his performance in the movie ‘The Great Battle’.

Watch ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ On Netflix: HERE


Forecasting Love and Weather


This series is set in the day-to-day life of employees working in the Korean Meteorological Administration. Along with accurately forecasting the weather, they deal with the stress of emotions that arise at the workplace. Tensions boil when the staff are unsuccessful in forecasting a storm that strikes.

The drama series stars South Korean stars Park Min-young, Song Kang, Yoon Park and Yura and is directed by Cha Young-hoon.

Watch ‘ Forecasting Love and Weather’ On Netflix HERE

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Vikings: Valhalla


The last time we saw the Norsemen, it was on a sandy shore with Ubbe and Floki overlooking the sunset. Set a century after Ragnar Lorthbrok’s exploits in Northumbria and Paris, the series will see suspense brewing between the Vikings and the English royals while battling their Pagan and Christian beliefs. The series will see adaptations of Emma of Normandy, King Canute ‘the great’, Leif Eriksson, Freydís Eiríksdóttir and many more. Will this series depict the end of the Viking raids and plunder?

Watch ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ On Netflix HERE


Marry Me


This musical drama-comedy stars singer, actress, and dancer Jennifer Lopez as Kat and actor Owen Wilson as Charlie in the lead roles. The drama unfolds when Kat agrees to Marry a stranger, Charlie, who held up a Marry Me signboard by accident. In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer Lopez expressed, “it’s a movie about the journey to love”. The two have previously worked together in the 1997 movie ‘Anaconda‘.

The film also stars singer-songwriter Maluma, John Bradley West (Game of Thrones), and comedian and actress Sarah Silverman (Wreck-It Ralph) and is based on the fantasy romantic comedy novel by Bobby Crosby.

Watch Marry Me On Peacock: HERE

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 Until Life Do Us Apart


Three generations of the Paixão family live together and operate a wedding planning business. Having their own different views on life and marriage and the pressures of meeting the evergrowing business demands, the show dwells into each member’s own troubles.

The show is set in Portugal and sees a cast list of veteran Portuguese actress Rita Loureiro, along with Dinarte Branco and Madalena Almeida. The eight-part series is directed by Manuel Pureza. 

Watch Until Life Do Us Apart on Netflix HERE


Grey’s Anatomy (Season 18)


One of the few shows that have been running for over 15 seasons, following the life and daily escapades of Dr. Meredith Grey at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. After multiple character deaths, illnesses, romances, and patients, let us wait and watch what the drama-filled events unfold in the lives of these medical professionals.

The series stars Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey, along with Chandra Danette Wilson, James Pickens Jr, and Kevin McKidd. Additionally, actress Kate Walsh made her return to the series as Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery after a gap of almost a decade.

Watch Grey’s Anatomy on ABC Network  HERE


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