TF Daily Drop: Deft 1s By Commodo

Today’s Pick is ‘Deft 1s’ By Commodo Listen now!

Commodo returns to his spiritual home label, Black Acre, with an exciting new EP which is a mix of genre-bending grime basswerk. With its 90s punk guitar sound palette, the track rubs shoulders with Fugazi and Mudhoney without sacrificing any of its gravity-altering production techniques.

Dubstep and punk collide with rap to make this tracks scream into the void. The artwork, designed and animated by Joshua Hughes-Games, speaks volumes about the EP’s contents. Commodo gives us proper grime treat with two more tracks on the EP titled ‘Forester’ and ‘Living Bones’.


Commodo is an artist without much online presence, one of the increasingly rare few who make a name for themselves through their music alone.

He builds bass-focused beats with soul and substance that never rely on formulas; he distances himself from contemporary producers with clever sampling and sound design that is influenced by hip-hop’s vibrant spirit.
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