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Today’s Pick is Dana Dan By Bloodywood. Listen now!

‘Dana Dan’ by Bloodywood is a graphic commentary on sexual assault and the need to eradicate it.

The track is a not-so gentle plea made to us all to reflect on our contribution to creating a world where atrocities are committed, and to work toward eliminating them altogether. ‘Dana Dan’ is a part of their sophomore album “Rakshak” which is charting across countries.

‘Dana Dan’ and its accompanying music video display the band’s anger at patriarchy and abuse of the female kind, especially in India, while the actors capture a certain type of vulnerability. Featured dancers Prachi Rastogi, Diksha Sharma, Dhyani Riddhi Khan, Aashita Gupta, and Akarshi Srivastava become the face of god and steal the show, a metaphorical representation of how women should actually be treated after centuries of torture and suppression.

Known for its groundbreaking fusion of Indian folk instruments with metal, Bloodywood is a metal band from India. Their tracks feature powerful percussion like the dhol and the tabla, the melancholic flute, the single-stringed Tumbi, as well as several other unusual, but distinctly recognizable sounds from India.

Bloodywood’s combination of thunderous angry rapped and growled verses, and sort-of distorted melodic choruses in the massive voice of Jayant Bhadula and meaningful yet unforgiving rap verses from his co-frontman Raoul Kerr, along with the ethnic instrumentation, makes it a truly unique experience containing expression of extreme emotions against injustices borne by women.

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