TF Spotlight: Beeson’s Tantalizing DnB Music

Hailing from the southwest of England, Harry Beeson aka Beeson is a Drum & Bass producer who is steadily building a reputation for his expansive style of music.

After dabbling with musical instruments at a very young age, Harry’s first exposure to music was through bands like Guns & Roses, Metallica & Slipknot. This was before he had a change of heart when UKF uploaded Sigma’s ‘Paint It Black’ 12 years ago, which eventually became his gateway into dance music, and more specifically, drum & bass.

Beeson took his time to shape his craft before landing himself a remix of Palms High’s ‘Hireath’ in 2019 and 2020. He then featured on RAM Records’ sister label ProgRAM for their ‘Programmed series’ in 2021 for ‘Huntsman’. His appearance on ProgRAM was followed by a release on Soulvent Records for ‘Brown Sugar’ which is the producer’s biggest release so far with support from some of the biggest names in DnB.


Now for his first release of the year, Beeson has dropped a thumping two-tracker on Dazed Music which showcases his love for the dark, grimey and groovy. Following this release, we spoke to the Devon-based producer about his roots, his love for the light and dark, his plans for the year and lots more!

We love your stage name. Tell us how the name came about and how the Beeson journey began?

Beeson: Thank you haha, my family will be proud! So my stage name just comes from my real name, my surname is Beeson. I can remember actually at the beginning trying so hard to think of a really cool name, you know, something like ‘Groove Rider’ or ‘Halogenix’, which are sick names in my opinion, but everything I thought of just sounded corny and crap. Literally everyone I know though just calls me Beeson rather than Harry, and it kinda rolls of the tongue, so I thought I may as well just stick with that.

As far as the journey, it all started at the end of high school, myself and a few mates chipped in for a fairly crappy but ‘does the job’ sound system to take around to peoples parties, more so for the party than for the art of DJing I think, but eventually I got pretty into it, and then going to college I met one of my now really close mates Ollie, who was already mad into DnB and mixed insanely well himself, his enthusiasm rubbed off on me big time and he lent me his Andy C Nightlife 6 CD that had just come out, from there I was pretty much hooked.

I dabbled with production throughout college and university but all I really cared about was mixing, so I never made anything worth while really, it was only until the end of university that I decided I’d had enough of being a resident DJ and I wanted to actually be an artist/producer and go on to get booked as a headliner, and I’ve been working towards that since.

You seem to ace the light and the dark worlds of Drum & Bass, but what is your go-to style?

Beeson: Ahh I really appreciate you saying that, and I think that’s something I’d like to be known for, rather than be pigeon holed. It’s funny, when it comes to the DnB I listen to it’s pretty much all liquid and vibey stuff, the likes of Etherwood and Keeno, but when producing I always veer towards the darkness. Saying that though I do still make lots of lighter tracks and I’ve really been working on my music theory recently, which has been great, and some of the tracks coming from it I’m quite excited about, and hopefully they’ll see the light of day.

Let’s talk about your latest two-tracker on Dazed. How was the experience while writing both the tunes?

Beeson: So these two tracks for Dazed I actually made quite a long time ago, I think around late 2020, I need to dive deep into my memory to remember making them haha!, I had both of the tracks down to a kind of decent-ish state fairly quickly if I remember right, I then left them for a good 6 months or so, I originally had a different sampled vocal on Stay There that I definitely wouldn’t have gotten away with so I hit up Nath ‘Westman’ (who is actually my friend Ollie’s older brother) to see if he’d be down to lay down some bars over it and he nailed, he’s a class MC, he’s actually about to take part in the final of Evil B’s ‘Who’s on Smoke’ MC competition that I think he’ll win hands down.


After Nath laid down those bars I sent both tracks over to Roshan from Dazed, quite a while before the Dazed label had been set up, but they digged the tracks and wanted them for when the label was up and running, it’s been great to work with Dazed, and it always is, have known them for a good while from back when I was on the DJ circuit at Uni in Cardiff, its been amazing to see the brand grow since its inception.

What would you like to produce other than Drum & Bass?

Beeson: I actually produce a lot of other stuff other than DnB, I’m in a duo with my mate Mich called Deliriya, which has been a great creative outlet making melodic breaks and some housey breakbeaty stuff, at the start Mich really opened my eyes to music outside of DnB and metal haha which has been sick, we make 2 very different styles of music and came together and it’s working out pretty nicely.

I also produce some kinda wide ranging pop/singer songwriter/hip hop stuff, for a project with my friend Joe called Hiite and too call back to Ollie from earlier we’ve just drafted him in cause he’s wicked at guitar, so I guess maybe we’re a band? Who knows haha. It’s a fun project and again I’m learning a lot from it. We’ve recently kinda realised that we’re pretty much 3/4 of the way through making an album, so we’ll probably have that done this year.

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I’m also loosely writing another album, one that I’m keeping super secret for now, not sure why I’m keeping it under wraps, but it’s a creative venture making a style of music I’ve been absolutely obsessed with over the last 18-24 months, and I’m really wanting to keep it fun and non serious, and if it goes well I’ll probably release it under a different alias at some point, but for now it’s my secret ish project.

What are your plans for 2022?

Beeson: I guess I’ve kind of covered some of my 2022 plans as far as those two albums, but I also want to get a couple more solid dnb releases out there, hopefully a 4 track E.P or 2. And also get DJing again, when I started to focus on producing I pretty much stopped DJing completely, and the gigs are starting to come back now so hopefully with some more releases under my belt some more sets will come.

I also want to grow my Youtube, deep down I think I’ve always wanted to be a YouTuber haha, I’ve started uploading some track walkthroughs to my channel, but I think I’m going to veer away from that and focus on showing early versions of my releases and their evolutions because I save loads of versions of my tracks as I go along, it’s something that I feel can show up and comers that tracks at the start probably don’t sound much better than theirs and show how the tracks develop into the released final version and talk about the story along the way.


And I’m going to try think of some other interesting video ideas to put out as well. So 2022 is a big big year for me producing as much music as I can and pushing myself out there on YouTube, to hopefully set myself up for a sick 2023!

5 tunes you are feeling at the moment?

1. Chimpo x Salo – I Don’t Care
Possibly track of the year already, love the fact that’s is more like an actual song, with a chorus rather than a drop, it’s musically brilliant and Salo’s vocals are incredible, someone I’d love to work with further down the line when I’m a bit more established.
2. Wilkinson – Used To This ft. Issey Cross
Love this from Wilkinson, I’ll be honest I think I’m a bit late to this, pretty sure it came out in November, but I recently heard it on Radio 1 and thought it was so sick, love the vocal and melancholic vibe of the track, simple, nice grumbly sub and crisp drums, a perfect combo.
3.Ben Böhmer – Strangers
I discovered Ben Böhmer’s music at the beginning of lockdown through his Cappadocia set in a hot air ballon with Cercle and I can honestly say no artists music has had more of an impact on me as much as Bens has, his album came out in September and I still listen to it start to finish all the time, and this track especially I listen to even more, love the way it drives along with the pipey/delayed synths, he is the master of melody and drawing emotions from music.
4. Bruce Hornsby – The Way It Is
This ones a bit out there haha, Spotify just randomly played it whilst I was at work and I let it play cause I recognised the hook from the Tupac Song ‘Changes’ and I absolutely love it, played it over and over for most of the day and day after, which is something I’ve noticed I do with a lot with tracks sometimes. I just love the piano and the driving drum beat, one day I’d love to try learn it on the piano.
5. Makoto – Maybe We’ll Make It ft. Mark Force & Archaik
I think Makoto is making some of his best music at the minute, such summery beach vibes and it just makes me happy when I listen to it, tracks like this one and his previous release ‘What You Need’ are gearing me up for Hospitality on the Beach in June in a big way.
Bonus (couldn’t keep it to 5 haha)
Tinlicker – Just To Hear You Say
I discovered Tinlicker shortly after Ben Böhmer, this track is a single off their upcoming album which I’m super excited for.
Check out Beeson’s discography – HERE 
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