TF Daily Feed: Belgium Announces Four Day Work Week

European Nation Belgium has joined a list of countries offering its employees a four-day workweek, as unveiled by their Government’s new work policy. According to this policy, employees can work up to a maximum of ten hours a day during the four-day work week for the same pay scale.

They can also choose to work more hours during a particular week and less in the following week. All necessary permission needs to be in place between employee and employer for the new regulation. Staff also are permitted to be unavailable and ignore any work-related communications post working hours.

Belgium Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, informed journalists that “The COVID period has forced us to work more flexibly – the labor market needs to adapt to that.” The changes due to be implemented are made with the prospect of improving the qualify of life and providing a better work balance among the Belgian people.

Post the pandemic era and with growing importance on recognizing mental health needs, many countries have been experimenting and adopting a four-day work week schedule. According to research, the four-day work increases work satisfaction and productivity of its employees.

As far back as 1957, as reported in The Nome Nugget, a four-day workweek sparked debate and controversy in the US. Then Vice President Nixon commented on it being a common phenomenon in the future. Recently, The United Arab Emirates also joined in a list of countries that have adopted, conducted trials or are due trials of a four-day work policy along with Scotland, Iceland, Spain, and Japan.


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