The Nasha Experience Crew’s Top Influences

Over the last 3 weeks, we went through the inspirational journey of the Asian Underground’s finest exports in Nasha Experience. Now, to close the series, we are bringing you the crew’s biggest influences.

5 people with 5 different influences, and a catalogue that runs two decades deep. We were keen to know who influenced their music the most, and the list they have shared is legendary!

Ges-e and Osmani Soundz emerged during the Hardcore and Jungle era, and Nuphlo, Sukh Knight and Shandy, from the drum & bass, and early dubstep era. The list of their influences has some of the most iconic tunes made in their respective scenes. And we are going to dissect their influences one by one!


Intense – Streams of Thought

Released on Fabio’s Creative Source label, ‘Streams Of Thought’ was a tune created by Beau Thomas, Dan Duncan, and Simon Vispi, who were known to be one of the kings of the Amen Break. It’s easy to see why it falls in Nuphlo’s basket of influences knowing his penchant for atmospherics. Beautifully constructed breaks, jazzy elements, and lush synths, this intense combination defined the peak jungle era of the mid 90s.

Jega – Geometry

‘Geometry’, which is the title track of Jega’s 2000 album, was the epitome of the early breakbeat and IDM sounds coming out of London in the late 90s and early 2000s. Jega is also said to be the man who heavily influenced Radiohead’s 4th studio album ‘Kid A’.


Coki – Tortured 

Sukh Knight, who joined The Nasha Experience crew in the mid-2000s, was heavily inspired by the early dubstep era which was starting to take over club lands in the UK. ‘Tortured‘ by Coki is the best example of this. Released by one of the behemoths of dubstep, fresh, deep, dark and ragga tinged; the tune has all the makings of a bonafide classic.

Osmani Soundz & Ges-e – The Calling

Sukh Knight’s next biggest influence comes from within the Nasha Experience crew, and it is big one! Part of Volume 3 of Nasha Records’ celebrated compilation series, ‘The Calling’ was put together by the earliest members of the crew, Ges-e and Osmani Soundz. Absolute belter and a tune that exemplified the confluence of drum & bass with eastern elements.

Dillinja – Live Or Die

Dillinja’s and Lemon D’s Valve Recordings was named after their famous Valve sound system, which was the first sound system to be built specifically with drum & bass in mind. Ghastly, frenetic and jumpy, it’s not hard to see why ‘Live Or Die’ wouldn’t influence anyone who grew up in the peak Dillinja era.

DJ Krome & Mr Time – The Licence

Sukh Knight’s final influence comes from Krome & Time’s 1994 classic ‘The Licence’. The duo were known for hardcore anthems like ‘This Sound Is For The Underground’ and ‘The Slammer’. ‘The Licence’, however, leaned towards the jungle side of things, and was released on Tearin Vinyl, a label set up by the duo themselves.

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Saint Etienne – The Sea (PFM Mix)

We now move on to Ges-e’s influences, who is the earliest member of the Nasha Experience, and he couldn’t have picked a better tune to regard as one of his biggest inspirations. PFM, which stands for Progressive Future Music, was the pioneer of spacious and atmospheric drum & bass, and also one of the greatest producers to have graced the game.

Saint Etienne’s ‘The Sea’ was remixed by many, but when PFM assumed the track’s remix duties, every other rendition had to make way for his tune as the original’s finest remakes.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Mustt Mustt (Massive Attack Remix)

The crew’s choice of influences has been top-notch, and this track is a prime example of how deep Ges-e’s influences ran. The late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s seminal Qawwali fusion album, Mustt Mustt, was handed to the legendary English trip-hop collective Massive Attack, and the result was spectacular.

The track, which according to Nitin Sawhney, is the ‘greatest remix of all time’, was the perfect crossover of Sufi Qawwali singing and Bristol’s dub culture.


Bappi Lahiri – Habiba

Nasha Experience’s second earliest member’s influences are next in the list, and his first pick is a tune from the man who popularized disco in the Indian sub-continent. A landmark convergence of Indian elements with nu beat in 1991, ‘Habiba’ still gets belted in the biggest clubs across the world.  Rest In Paradise, Bappi Lahiri!

LTJ Bukem – Demons Theme

If you have been around the jungle and drum & bass scene, this release needs no introduction, so let’s get right down to it! One of the jungle genre’s and the legendary Good Looking Records’ greatest tunes ever made, LTJ Bukem’s ‘Demons Theme’ is a track with layering that will possibly never be replicated. Stone cold classic right here!

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy

We’ll close this list with Shandy’s legendary list of influences, and like the previous ones, this selection is distinguished as ever. Released in 1991 by Massive Attack, ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, was a track that was actually released under their temporary group name ‘Massive’ until Massive Attack became a thing.

The tune is a quintessential one in the trip-hop scene, and is said to have set the template for the genre for years to come.

Adam F – Circles

Well, does this tune need any explaining? While debates about the track’s famous pre-drop vocal sample about whether it is ‘Check Check Check Check’ or ‘Tick Tick Tick Tick’ or ‘Tech Tech Tech Tech ‘ will probably bring us to the end of the human race, the track’s legacy will live beyond!

Here is the list of Nasha Experiences’ influences for your aural pleasure:




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