A Quick Review of Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Are you ready for a jaw-breaking experience? Developers Techland have finally given us a sequel to 2015’s ‘Dying Light’, and we are here to review its little faults, as well as the marvels that made ‘Dying Light 2 Stay Human’ creep into Steam’s 25 most played games of all time

You may call it a “post-apocalyptic zombie game,” but over the years since its launch, the Dying Light franchise has become much more! The mechanics play a huge role in the games’ success. We have never experienced an open-world, post-apocalyptic game that uses parkour as a means for combat. Although the majority of us just use it to run away, ‘Dying Light’ created something that would change post-apocalyptic games!

Bugs & Immediate Fixes

It hurts to say it, but if you were as excited as us and bought the game as soon as it launched, you probably also faced the same problems! The in-game world is amazingly creative, but some parts of the city are like quicksand.

It is a new game, and a simple patch note or a quick update can fix this. Some parts of the maps give your PC FPS stutter, while some ledges or platforms will throw you out of the map.

Unlike ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, we expect these small problems to be solved a lot quicker, as we really want to experience the hordes of zombies chasing after you sans the FPS problems!

500 hours To Complete The Game

Well, it’s no joke. Dying Light 2’s developers promised 500 hours of gameplay with various alternative endings! While there are only two major endings in ‘Dying Light 2’, the choices you make and the faction you side with can affect the ending. 

If you play games like we do, we explore every possible ending while also sticking strictly to the storyline. And speaking of the storyline, you are provided with many choices within ‘Dying Light 2’. Side quests play an important role as well, so don’t treat these as optional! 

Spoiler Warning: In the final mission, you are meant to choose between letting the missiles detonate and destroying X13, or stopping Lawn from detonating them and letting the missiles hit Villedor. 

Whatever you choose will land you one of these three endings: 

  1. You stay with Mia, Lawn will detonate the missiles but might live if Hakon was not killed. 
  2. You stay with Mia, Lawn Detonates the missiles and sacrifices herself if Hakon was killed. 
  3. And the third is if you rescue Lawn, the Missiles hit the city and half the population is dead. 

Before You Start: Tip You Should Know

How many times have we just simply started a new game, and then died 10 feet away from spawn? Well, ‘Dying Light 2 Stay Human’ is no different. We will give you a couple of key pointers before you start exploring the vast city, gathering items, etc.

1. Your health is not as important as your stamina

We don’t mean playing the game on 1HP, but stamina will help you maneuver smoothly through tough and tight obstacles ahead of you much faster. The best way to travers is to glide and parkour your way to the waypoint! 

2. Move During the day 

It’s quite obvious that the game will get far harder in the darkness! Compared to its prequel, zombie groups now grow three times in size, some are much stronger, and even faster, while some are outright way out of your league! Just RUN! 

3. Play the game on “Hard mode”

If this is your first time even playing a Dying Light game, don’t rush things! Hard mode is the best way for you to enjoy the story while also having insane boss fights. If you aren’t barely surviving, are you even playing a Dying Light game?

Although ‘Dying Light 2 Stay Human’ is quite new and needs fixing, it’s still enjoyable! Techland’s 2015 Dying Light is still one of our favorite games, so we know this game is sure to blow your mind within the first few minutes of gameplay!

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The Dying Light Official Website
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