TF Daily Drop: Make Me Feel By Komatic.

Today’s Pick is Make Me Feel By Komatic. Listen now!

A kinetic, hypnotic dance floor weapon, ‘Make Me Feel’ by Komatic has been causing serious damage in clubs for the past 12 months. As the snare builds up and the vocals come out slowly over lush, evolving pads and dense bass, the pressure rises to a classic drop. This track is the first off the upcoming ‘Original Structures’ EP.

Andy Powell and Peter Rogers both released music as solo artists in the mid-2000s. Before Technimatic, there was Technicolour and Komatic. Technimatic delves into the duo’s origins and examines some of the blueprints that make up their sound.

With the ‘Original Structures’ EP, the artists go back to their roots with a sublime 4-track journey under their original aliases, Komatic and Technicolour.

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