TF Daily Drop: Guillotine By Stray From The Path

Today’s pick is Guillotine By Stray From The Path. Listen now!

In the words of George Shaw, “The more I see of the moneyed classes, the more I understand the guillotine”. In its penetrating lyricism, the quote sums up exactly what ‘Guillotine’ by Stray From The Path has to offer.

It speaks of mass corruption and a skewed class structure in the society.

The band says,

“During the course of writing this record over the past two years, we’ve seen a lot of shit happening across the U.S. People are starting to become conscious of the sick system we live in.

We’ve seen the working class lose 3.7 trillion dollars while billionaires got richer by 3.9 trillion dollars during the pandemic. We’ve seen essential workers get greeted with a pat on the back and coupons to use at the businesses they worked for, and those same businesses brought in record profits.

This system is broken, and it’s starting to deteriorate. In the end, those people who have headed these companies and viciously exploited the working class during this ordeal should be met with the Guillotine.”

Over a decade into their career, Stray from the Path has achieved a kind of longevity rarely seen in hardcore.
The band has gone from bring scrappy Long Islanders to powerhouse globetrotters with each successive release and relentless touring led by guitarist Tom Williams and vocalist Drew Dijorio. They were joined by Anthony “Dragon Neck” Altamura (bass) in 2011 and Craig Reynolds (drums) in 2016, helping them evolve into their current incarnation: a beast of groove-laden, metallic hardcore riffs and hip hop-influenced vocal cadences.
We are sure sliced by the words they speak after a long time.
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