TF Spotlight: Andromedik’s Alluring Soundscapes

Netsky, Alix Perez, Bredren, Hireath, Larigold, Lavance, Phase; the drum & bass talent coming out of Belgium is some of the best in Europe! And since his debut in 2016, Andromedik has been a part of the nation’s illustrious company.

Being classically trained, along with jazz and music theory, Andromedik started producing music when he was 15, and he hasn’t looked back ever since. The Belgian producer made his debut in 2016 on Radar Records for a two-track EP, and looking at the insane talent on offer, Liquicity signed him up for ‘Your Eyes’.

From that moment on, Andromedik has taken the art of making dancefloor drum & bass to a new level, which is  stitched with his love for soothing and cinematic soundscapes. In conjunction with his captivating singles and EPs on Liquicity, 2021 saw the release of his debut album ‘Essence’, which was the culmination of his musical journey.

After releasing his album, Andromedik has now returned to Liquicity Records for a gorgeous single, which also marks his first release of the year; and we spoke to the drum & bass wizard about his journey so far, his album, his new single and lots more!

From starting your journey in 2016 with Radar Records to numerous singles and EPs along with an album on Liquicity. How has the journey been in your eyes since your debut?

Andromedik: Wonderful. It’s crazy to realize that I have been releasing music since 2016 already. It feels like those years went by quite fast. I’m incredibly grateful to all the people and labels that have supported that journey. Although the last years have been quite difficult as an artist due to covid-19, I still really enjoyed making and releasing all the new music.

Who were your biggest influences when you started making drum & bass?

Andromedik: First name that comes to mind is Netsky. His music brought me into Drum & Bass and I have been a big fan ever since. Other influences are Sub Focus, Dimension, Maduk and Fox Stevenson. All of these artists are unique in their own way and have brought something new to the genre which I massively respect.

First release of the year with ‘I See You’, but this time with a slightly different approach with its stretched back yet dancefloor-y feel. What was the idea when you started writing the tune?

Andromedik: The idea for this tune started off like many of my other tunes. A rather uplifting melody that I wanted to turn into a Drum & Bass banger. I worked together with RIENK to write the intro and for some reason a typical Drum & Bass drop just didn’t feel right to me. I decided to go for halftime drums which made the tune less rushed. In a way, it adds to the big sounds that I’m trying to push with the song. ‘I See You’ was one of those tunes that just really seemed to write itself which makes the writing process incredibly fun.

First on ‘Break Away’ and now on ‘I See You’. RIENK’s vocals seem to blend with your style so perfectly. Can we expect more from you guys in the coming years?

Andromedik: I’m a big fan of RIENK’s work. He’s an incredibly talented musician and our styles seem to match. The thing that makes him very pleasant to work with is that he really has a vision for the songs he works on. He’s not just focussing on writing a topline and then just leaving the rest of the writing process up to me. He is constantly giving feedback, suggesting new arrangements and he has no problems with re-writing and re-recording vocals if the song requires it. You can expect something new from the two of us sooner than you think!

You put out an album on Liquicity last year which in our opinion was an emotional hyperdrive that we didn’t want to get ourselves out of. Can you tell us a little more about the experience while writing the ‘Essence’?

Andromedik: Essence is about the development of my sound from 2018 to 2021. I felt like my newer productions had a different feel to what I was making before and it seemed logical to bundle my previous work on an album, showcasing the ‘essence’ of what Andromedik is about. It’s a body of work that I am really proud of and it features some of my favourite artists in the scene. However, I prefer looking at it as a compilation of tunes rather than a full blown album. At one point at my career I would love to write an album from start to finish and make the tracks tell a story.


We absolutely love your dancefloor style of Drum & Bass but do you see yourself diving slightly deeper into the darker side of the genre in the future?

Andromedik: I guess that depends on what you would call darker! I have definitely made more bass-heavy tunes but I guess I’m just waiting for the right one to show to the world. I have been working on more liquid stuff as well lately, which is something that I will definitely keep on doing.

What are Andromedik’s plans for 2022?

Andromedik: Currently I’m hoping to have a full-bown summer festival tour again without covid-19 sabotaging it. Things are looking good though so let’s keep our fingers crossed.  In terms of releases, I’m working on some very exciting collaborations with artists that I have looked up to for years. I will also release a big EP of which some tracks have already been released. Listeners that pay a lot of attentions to those tunes can maybe already get a clue of the main theme of that EP 😉

5 tunes you are feeling at the moment?

Netsky & Montell2099 – Broken
This tune represents exactly what I love about Netsky. He has a really good ear for catchy, unique vocals and the tune is different from most of the dancefloor drum & bass that is being released today. Montell2099’s sound in combination with Netsky is a magic formula and I’m all here for it.

Wilkinson & Becky Hill – Here For You
I shed a tear when I first heard this tune. Masterpiece!

Subsonic – Wait For Me
Subsonic has been releasing banger after banger lately and I think he’s one of the most exciting dancefloor artists on the rise right now.

Stromae – L’enfer (Used Bootleg)
Used really pushed his sound to the next level on this tune. A very unique take on this already huge record by Stromae. Don’t forget to listen to the second drop on this one.

Kanine – All To Me (ft. Elipsa)
I’ve had this one on repeat since it came out. A more melodic tune by Kanine but still so immensely powerful.

Listen to Andromedik’s ‘I See You’ here:

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