Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 25 Breakdown

Today, we’ll be breaking down and finding hidden details you might have missed while watching the latest episode of Attack on Titan, Season 4 Episode 25, titled ‘Night Of The End.’

As much as you want to simply google and know the end of Attack on Titan, DON’T. we are only a couple of episodes away and episode 25 was a BANGER, with hidden details you might have missed! 

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In this episode, we get to explore and understand each character within the alliance and the deep hatred that caused the Rumbling. The episode might not contain amazing Titan-Shifter battles or even some insane ’2000 years ago’ type history being revealed, or did it? 

We See Mikasa In Jean’s Imagination! 

 Missed it? Well don’t worry, we didn’t find it on our first watch! At the beginning of the episode, we get to see Jean, the chosen leader, finally break, as everything on the island spirals out of control. He can’t help but think what retirement might’ve been like! 

In his dream, he wishes to live peacefully within four walls, all while having the finest alcohol, giving birth to a son, and having a loving family that is safe from war. While seeing this we can see the lady in Jean’s wished future sharing a similar scare to Mikasa. 

As this is complete speculation, many theories have already been surfing the internet. We actually don’t have anything to go over the scar we see, but could this be foreshadowing that EREN MIGHT DIE? 

Souls And The Afterlife Exist In Attack On Titan

Looking back to previous episodes, the afterlife does exist in the AOT universe! As we all know Ymir has been stuck in the Paths for over 2000 years, being a slave to the royal family and creating every Titan we ever see!

In Episode 25, we get further proof of the existence after death as Jean only joined the alliance after seeing his fallen command, Marco. We also know that all the Subjects of Ymir pass through the Paths before finally leaving this world. 

Four main discussions – The Alliance 

The Alliance consisted of five members from Marleyan army, Reiner, Annie, Falco, Gabi, Pieck, and another six from the Scout Regiment, Mikasa, Captain Levi, Hange, Jean, Connie, and Armin. 

With both sides having to battle each other in the past, nobody trusts one another. However, the impending death of loved ones forces them to talk about four main things that us viewers needed to know about the future events! 

Whose fault is all this? 

While waiting for dinner, Jean and Commander Magath get into the first heated argument in this episode! The main subject between them: Who has been the terrorizer, and why Marley’s actions are justified.

Magath makes it clear that Marleyan’s were right to do everything they did, when much of everything they feared, mainly the rumbling, became a reality. He adds that since the Scouts are now helping them stop the Rumbling, it’s also quite possible that they’ve been fighting for the wrong cause or side!

Knowing what Magath knows is false, Jean makes it clear that Eren’s evil-doing is because he saw his mother eaten alive and for centuries Marley has been sending Pure Titans to the walls in the hopes of exterminating all Eldians. But in turn, they learned to fight back. 

Here, history sides with Marley. Magath explains that for 2000 years Marley, and the entire world, was a victim to Eldia’s superior power! The founder Ymir crumpled military forces, as none could compete against her during the time and that domination lasted for the entirety of 2000 years. Marley has suffered much more than Eldia because of the Titan Shifters. 

KILL EREN If They Have Too 

With darkness slowly emerging and daylight fading away, Annie asks the second and probably the most exciting question we’ve been waiting for: Are they prepared to kill Eren? 

Annie believes that in order to stop the Rumbling, they have to prepare to kill Eren if the need arises. But Armin and Mikasa believe they can talk persuade Eren to stop the Rumbling, and that killing him shouldn’t be an option. 

Annie is disappointed by their answer and finds it hard to believe that Eren, who is willing to kill millions of people will stop in the “name of Friendship.” She further goes on to explain that if Eren doesn’t decide to stop the Rumbling, it will create a civil war, in which one side protects Eren and the other tries to kill him. 

Annie also knows Mikasa will stop at nothing to save Eren if the need arises. Mikasa takes this as a threat but Annie states she is only doing this to save her father, who she promised she’d return to. With everyone on guard, Annie breaks the ice stating that if they talk Eren out of it, the world would be saved.     

The Plan /Truth About Yelena’s Past

Before the last conflict takes place, there is a good minute with the group talking about what the next steps in the plans are to catch up to Eren and defeat him. 

Hange explains their plan to find the Founding Titan using the Azumabito Clan’s newest invention, the flying boat that was going to be used to observe the Rumbling from the skies. As all Marley ships have retreated, this is their only shot of reaching Eren. 

The group has a way to get to Eren but trying to locate him is pointless as fuel in the flying ship would run out of gas. Yelena a former member of Zeke’s secret followers, was kidnapped for a reason, according to Magath; being a part of the Uthanization plan, which did include a minor scale Rumbling. She could possibly reveal the whereabouts of Eren or anything else she knows.

But she won’t cooperate with the alliance as we find out later; Commander Magath ran a background check on her and it turns out she is a Marleyan, just like Commander Magath himself. She lied claiming to be an Eldian and deceived everyone, all while aiding Zeke. Basically, Yelena saw an opportunity to make history and wanted to bask in the joy and fame, knowing people will talk about this for a thousand years! 

Gabi The Warrior 

Yelena, not quite caring for the politics that play in the war, calls each person out on their inhuman action, leaving everyone questioning what they fought for! With plenty of lives already lost, Reiner can’t help but be apologetic for his own actions – killing innocent people, Marco’s death, and let’s not forget his murderous split personality. 

We see how the people of Marley have not only ruined their own future but forced their ideologies on the kids, like Gabi, who are now willing to march into battle. With Reiner begging for pity, Jean steps in and breaks his nose. However, Gabi explains, they wished to be good Eldian, accepted by the world, and to save the world from the island devil. 

Commander Magath being the oldest and the one in charge of training the children of Marley, shows signs of regret. With the world already being destroyed, the only ones the group can think of are their loved ones, not their ideologies. 

We know next week will be an action-packed episode with the alliance now being in full-motion. We are as excited as you and will be reviewing the newest episode of Attack on Titans as soon as it’s out!





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