25 Ways You Can Help and Support Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused much suffering, loss of life, and devastation. As the situation escalates, so does the help they need.

Although we might feel helpless in times like these, if we have the resources, we can support and help the people of Ukraine right now! They need emergency relief on the ground, support for those fleeing to neighboring countries, and more! Donating money can help the charities provide humanitarian relief, support refugees seeking safety elsewhere with medical and humanitarian aid, among others.



Here are some ways you can help –

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights

This Fund is helping support women, transgender, and nonbinary activists on the ground in and around Ukraine. The Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights is providing flexible funding, access to communication channels, and medical support.

Donate to Urgent Action Fund: HERE


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has stepped up its operations. It is working with governments in neighboring countries “calling on them to keep borders open to those seeking safety and protection.”

Take action to send a tweet urging Governments and Businesses to support the United Nations’ urgent appeal for $1.7 Billion to deliver life-saving humanitarian support: HERE

Help Support the UNHCR’s Work Supporting Refugees by Donating: HERE

Voices of Children

Since 2015, ‘Voices of Children Foundation’ has been helping children affected by the war, providing psychological and psychosocial support to children. Their website states this “helps them overcome the consequences of armed conflict and develop.” Today, during these difficult times in Ukraine, ‘Voice of Children’ is providing non-stop assistance to affected children and families from all over the country. They are also providing emergency psychological assistance and assisting in the evacuation process.

To Know More About How You Can Help Children in Ukraine, Click: HERE

United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is deploying emergency operations in Ukraine and surrounding countries. It provides food assistance to those fleeing the conflict.

Donate to WFP: HERE

Fight for Right

‘Fight for Right’ is Ukrainian Obama Leader Yuliia Sachuk’s organization. It promotes and protects the human rights of people living with disabilities in her community. In response to the crisis, the organization is coordinating accessible shelter. This includes evacuations, and emergency services–ensuring those living with disabilities are not left out of the humanitarian efforts.

For Direct Donations, Visit this Go Fund Me.
Visit the ‘Fight for Right’ Website: HERE
Find ‘Fight for Right’ on Social Media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Save the Children 

“Save the Children is concerned for children caught in the middle of armed conflict, forced from their homes in freezing temperatures, and exposed to injury, hunger and cold,” states the Save the Children website.

It is working with partners to respond to meet the urgent needs of affected children and their families and is ready to provide life-saving assistance. This includes food, water, cash transfers, and safe places for children as people flee amid freezing temperatures and brutal conditions to scale up operations to ensure children impacted by the crisis have the support they need.

Find Out More About ‘Save the Children’ and Donate: HERE

Association for Legal Intervention

Association for Legal Intervention is a Polish NGO. It has been providing pro bono legal work for migrants and refugees since 2005. As per the Obama Foundation, “due to the rapidly changing rules and individual cases of those fleeing Ukraine, the Association for Legal Intervention just launched a dedicated legal portal to provide prompt legal advice.”

Donate to the Association for Legal Intervention: HERE

People in Need 

The ‘People in Need’ website states that it was “established in 1992 by a group of Czech war correspondents who were no longer satisfied with merely relaying information about ongoing conflicts and began sending out aid. It gradually became established as a professional humanitarian organization striving to provide aid in troubled regions and support adherence to human rights around the world.”

Providing humanitarian aid to over 200,000 people on the ground, ‘People in Need’ is helping people by providing food packages, emergency shelter, safe access to drinking water, hygiene items, and coal for heating for those most in need. 

to Donate, Click: HERE

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps mobilizes a team to the region to assess where help is most needed. It is anticipating providing emergency cash assistance. Mercy Corps is supporting local organizations that know their community needs best. Between the years 2015 and 2017, it has provided humanitarian assistance in eastern Ukraine. Mercy Corps is reaching more than 200,000 people with emergency cash, food, water, and sanitation supplies, and small business development grants. It is restoring war-damaged homes and more.

Find Out More About Mercy Corps and Donate: HERE

Hungarian Helsinki Committee

According to the Obama Foundation website, “Obama Leader András Léderer and his team at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee have been helping provide free-of-charge legal assistance and representation to refugees in Hungary for decades.” Right now, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee is focused on helping asylum seekers from Ukraine. They help them to find professional and free legal assistance.

To Learn More About the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Click: HERE

Ukrainian Red Cross 

From aiding refugees to training doctors, the Ukrainian Red Cross does a lot of humanitarian work. “Anyone who got into trouble – loneliness, sickness, poverty, unemployment, loss of family links, emergency or armed conflict – may refer to the Red Cross,” states their website. All funds donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross will be used to help those in need. This means those affected by armed conflict, blood collection, mobilization of volunteers and resources, and emergency activities.

To Help Us Provide Vital Aid to People During This Difficult Time, Donate: HERE


“UNICEF has been working nonstop in eastern Ukraine, delivering lifesaving programs for affected children and families as fighting has taken an increasingly heavy toll on the civilian population of 3.4 million people — including 510,000 children — living in the Donbas region,” states the UNICEF website. Their key emergency interventions include:

  • “prepositioning health, hygiene and emergency education supplies as close as possible to communities near the line of contact
  • trucking safe water to conflict-affected areas
  • supporting mobile child protection teams providing psychosocial care to children traumatized by chronic insecurity, responding to cases of violence and abuse against children and assisting children separated from family
  • working with municipalities to ensure there is immediate help for children and families in need.”
Visit the UNICEF Website To Donate: HERE

Medical Teams International 

Medical Teams International is fundraising to send medical supplies to the region. All proceeds are going towards sending medicines and/or medical supplies.

Learn More About Medical Teams International and Donate: HERE

Fundacja Ocalenie

Founded in the year 2000, this foundation “supports migrants in integrating into society and their personal development.” “We are working towards a cross-cultural dialogue and strengthening the community. We strive to ensure equal rights for all and to make sure that all people may live in dignity,” states the Ocalenie Foundation website.

As per the Obama Foundation, “following reports that a number of African and Indian students have faced discrimination and racism at the border of Poland while trying to escape to safety, Fundacja Ocalenie has stepped in to provide support.”

to Donate, Click HERE

International Medical Corps 

The International Medical Corps website states: “International Medical Corps’ teams inside Ukraine and in the surrounding region are responding to the conflict by expanding access to medical and mental health services for those living in affected communities, and working to help refugees.”

It is on the front lines and is prepared to help citizens with emergency health care services. This includes mental health and psychosocial support, and the agency is also keeping the pandemic top of mind throughout the crisis. The International Medical Corps does this by “prioritizing COVID-19 awareness and prevention services, to help keep displaced citizens safe from the pandemic.”

To Donate to the International Medical Corps, Click: HERE

United Help Ukraine

Started in 2014, United Help Ukraine is a charitable non-profit organization. It was started “by a small group of people who met a protest in Washington, DC after the Russian attack on Ukraine,” as per their website. ‘United Help Ukraine’ helps provide medical aid and humanitarian relief to “brave Ukrainians defending themselves!”

To Donate, Click: HERE

World Health Organization Foundation

The World Health Organization Foundation is raising funds for WHO’s Health Emergency Appeal for Ukraine. “An estimated $57.5 million must be raised to deliver urgent physical and mental health care to the 18 million people in Ukraine needing urgent humanitarian assistance, and more than 4 million refugees who’ll need protection and assistance in the coming months,” states the Global Citizen.

Donate HERE
Share the Who Foundation’s Call For Donations on Your Own Social Media, Including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Polish Migration Forum

The Polish Migration Forum offers a free crisis hotline to assist people who are being affected by the Ukrainian crisis. This includes individuals who have “fled the country, families worried about the well-being of their children, and those who have relatives in Ukraine and are feeling a sense of hopelessness,” as per the Obama Foundation.

“At PFM, we want Poland to be a country where people of different races, religions, and cultures live in harmony and respectfully, striving for agreement and cooperation. Our mission is to support the integration of people who migrate to Poland – so that it can become their second homeland,” states the Polish Migration Forum website.

Visit the Polish Migration Forum: HERE


CARE is responding to the crisis by providing 4 million Ukrainians in need with food, hygiene kits, psychosocial support services, access to water, and access to cash.

Donate to CARE: HERE

British Ukrainian Aid

British-Ukrainian Aid states that it “supports people suffering from the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.” They do this by aligning UK and Ukrainian efforts. The British-Ukrainian Aid offers assistance to vulnerable individuals who have been physically, mentally, or socially disadvantaged. This includes the injured and wounded, orphaned children, the elderly, internally displaced persons, and families who have lost their main earners.

To Learn More About the British-Ukrainian Aid and To Donate, Click: HERE


Alight is a humanitarian nonprofit. It has sent teams of emergency response workers to Poland. This is to assist with the burgeoning refugee population by helping to meet all of their material and psychosocial needs.

Donate to Alight: HERE

Cordélia Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims

Cordélia Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims is a Hungarian nonprofit that has experience helping severely traumatized asylum seekers. This includes refugees, and their family members and they provide counseling and advanced psychiatric support.

“The Cordelia Foundation was established in 1996 as with the aim to assist torture survivor and severely traumatized asylum seekers, refugees and their family members arriving in Hungary through psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, psychological treatment, psycho-social counseling,” states their website.

Visit the Cordelia Foundation Website: HERE

Nova Ukraine

This is a nonprofit that delivers aid packages to Ukraine. These packages include everything from baby food and hygiene products to clothes and household supplies. 

Donate to Nova Ukraine: HERE

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The International Organization for Migration is scaling up its humanitarian operations in Ukraine and neighboring countries. They are providing emergency services in health, shelter, winter supplies, and protection.

Donate to the IOM: HERE

OutRight Action International 

OutRight is helping to support LGBTQ+ groups and organizations on the ground. It is setting up shelters, providing safety for citizens with all the donations made to OutRight will go directly to the cause.

You Can Donate to Support LGBTQ Ukrainians: HERE.


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