TF Daily Drop: ‘This Time, This Place….’ By Röyksopp Ft. Beki Mari

Today’s pick is This Time, This Place…. by Röyksopp Ft. Beki Mari. Listen Now!

With ‘This Time, This Place…,’ Röyksopp give us goosebumps. The progressive trance tune is packed with a gristly kick, enormous drones, and spunky plucks, finishing off with Mari’s opulent vocals. It’s a track from the duo’s upcoming album, ‘Profound Mysteries,’ marking a new chapter in their career.

Regarding the collaboration singer Mari says,

“I could only describe working with Röyksopp as an out of body experience. My mind already had the trails of their music burnt-in; little pathways back to very specific memories and so being asked to sing for them filled me with an inimitable feeling. In Norway, in their studio, my voice spanned octaves I didn’t know I had; which was especially interesting as I was still learning how to fly. Working with Svein and Torbjørn was a divine blessing, something I shan’t ever forget.”

A pioneer of downbeat, Röyksopp survived the electronica boom of the early 2000s and became one of electronic music’s most enduring acts.

Nominees for two Grammy Awards, winners of seven Spellemannprisens, and producer of albums that have topped the charts in several countries, including a quartet of consecutive number-one albums in Sweden, Röyksopp has earned a great deal of praise for their work.

The duo consists of Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland. Both the members liked the same films and music and shared a love for electronics. They experimented with electronic music and bought a drum machine together during the Tromsø techno scene before going their separate ways.

Röyksopp was formed during the Bergen Wave after the two met again several years later. Röyksopp is the Norwegian word for this class of mushrooms, known as puffball mushrooms. The band solidified their place in the electronica scene with their 2001 debut album, Melody A.M., released through Wall of Sound.
They are known for their elaborate concerts, which are often accompanied by eccentric outfits.
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