TF Daily Feed: Dubai Artist’s Creation to Become First Eternal Artwork on the Moon

Along with Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Pete Conrad, we can add another name to the list of people who have left their mark on the moon – Sacha Jafri.

The moon will now be host to another of Earth’s creations in addition to golf balls, tongs, a flag kit, and a javelin. Sacha Jafri, a well-known artist, will have a piece of his artwork placed on the moon. He teamed up with space industry companies and NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services project for this purpose. The work, named ‘We Rise Together with the Light of the Moon,’ was unveiled at Expo 2020 Dubai at the USA Pavilion.

The artwork had been put through a series of tests to ensure it could withstand the lunar atmosphere. To assure its longevity on the moon, an aerospace-grade aluminum gold plate was utilized as the canvas. Gold plating is crucial in the aerospace sector as it delivers functionality, practicality, and effectiveness on a mechanic, electric and aesthetic level. Two privately held space firms – UK-based Spacebit and US-based Astrobotic Technology – will place the artwork on the Moon’s surface later this year. The landing spot where Jafri’s artwork will be nestled is to become a ‘world’ heritage site that will be preserved forever.

Sacha Jafri is a UAE-based British artist who is most known for making the world’s largest canvas painting. His previous work ‘Journey of Humanity’ took him took seven months, 1,065 paintbrushes, and 6,300 liters of paint to complete. It was sold at an auction for $62 million. In an interview with news agency Reuters, Sacha Jafri mentioned, “I wanted to create an artwork that would reconnect humanity or that would help us reconnect.”

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Feature Image Via The Art Newspaper.

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