TF Daily Drop: Monster By Dhruv Visvanath

Today’s pick is Monster By Dhruv Visvanath. Listen now!

A long wait of two years finally ends with the release of Dhruv Visvanath’s ‘Monster’! This track is part of his EP ‘Demons’ and uses his signature guitars, narcotic strings, and a grievous atmosphere to make it an astounding and captivating listen.

To top it up with a cherry, the track is mastered by the legendary Keshav Dhar!

Dhruv says,

“Two years of building and creating a haunting environment. I might seem jovial on the outside, but sometimes I feel like this is what lives within.”

India-born Dhruv Visvanath is an accomplished singer-songwriter and acoustic guitar player. As a child, Dhruv lived throughout the world in places like London, Zambia, Hong Kong, and Mumbai, among others. He uses the experiences from his childhood to form his songs and stories.

As India’s only representative at South By South West, Austin, Texas USA, and Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Dhruv represented the country at these events. Acoustic Guitar Magazine also named him one of the 30 Great Guitarists Under 30 for his unique style of playing the guitar, alongside Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner, Laura Marling and many others.

Dhruv’s debut album “Orion” was released in 2015 by VLT records. In 2018, his sophomore release, “The Lost Cause,” was crowdfunded and released independently, debuting at #2 on iTunes’ top albums at the time. His endorsement by the Dehradun Guitar Company led to the creation of his own custom guitar he calls Willow.

About the Ep Dhruv says,

“I have struggled with comparison, and a fair amount of loneliness over the past few years and making this was my therapy. I don’t expect the world to come flocking, there’s a lot of pain in this world. I don’t expect my music to make things any easier, but this is all I know. Thank you for supporting my creative endeavours and efforts. I’m just one dude, who’s lucky enough to make music in his bedroom. Much love.”

The long journey ahead of Dhruv has begun.

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