TF Spotlight: Maduk & Friends Heads To The UK

Along with being one of the finest purveyors of the dark and the intricate arts of drum & bass, The Netherlands has been consistently manufacturing some of the finest liquid drum & bass talent on the scene.

While Lenzman has been the focal point of liquid drum & bass in the Netherlands, Amsterdam-based producer, Maduk has been championing the mellower side of the genre, but with a dancefloor twist. Starting off in 2011, Maduk is now one of the most important names in Dutch drum & bass, and of the best in the global DnB game.

A major force in Maduk’s rise as one of the best producers in drum & bass is down to Dutch promoter and now label, Liquicity. Carrying the ethos of pushing the scene together while promoting the best talent from The Netherlands, Liquicity has placed themselves as the go-to label for dancefloor fused liquid drum & bass.

A big part of their work is holding regular festivals in their country of origin and the UK, where Maduk has been a constant name, thanks to his dazzling skills behind the decks and radiant DJ sets. After playing numerous shows across The Netherlands and Europe, Maduk decided to take his DJing motif to the next level in 2021 with Maduk & Friends, a dedicated 4-hour set from the eclectic producer with support from the finest talent in the game.

After the first leg of the spectacle taking place in his home country, Maduk is all set to take his entourage to the UK for the first time on March 18. We got a chance to get his thoughts on the debut of his Maduk & Friends tour.

After two years of ups and downs, what does it feel like to be back on the road again?

Maduk: It’s great being back, I really missed the full clubs and energised people in front of me! That being said, the breaks weren’t that bad for me either. Since my 18th I’ve been in a non stop music rollercoaster and this “forced covid stop” did help to recalibrate.

Maduk & Friends for the first time in the UK. What are the things that you are most looking forward to?

Maduk: I really enjoy the 4-5 hour-long sets, especially on these events since the people are coming for me specifically. I enjoy playing in the UK in general, no-nonsense vibes!

An album late last year which, in our opinion, was a complete package of what dancefloor drum & bass is all about. What are your thoughts on the album?

Maduk: Thank you! I am very proud of it. In my opinion, it sounds more mature than my first album, though you can still hear it’s Maduk. I’m not sure if I would have been able to finish it so soon if the Covid break had not been there..

Who were your biggest influences when you started making drum & bass?

Maduk: Many, but in particular I’d go for Pendulum, Danny Byrd and Logistics.

A little sneak peek into how the year is going to look like for Maduk?

Maduk: Mainly playing shows and make sure the Liquicity events are back up and running! Besides that we are currently working on remixes for my latest album and hopefully I will release the first new original songs after the summer..

What are the genres that you would like to producer other than drum & bass?

Maduk: Dubstep, Chill-hop, Minimal and Deep House

I have to let you know that you have quite a fanbase here in India. Can we expect Maduk’s magic in India anytime soon?

Maduk: That’s good to hear! I would love to, but all depends on your local promoters to invite me over 🙂

3 tunes you are feeling at the moment?

Maduk: Lexurus & Polygon – Waveline
Andromedik – I See You
Boxplot – Only Us

For ticket and more information about ‘Maduk & Friends’ London visit – HERE

Here is a set by Maduk to warm you up for the showdown this week:

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