Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 26 Recap

Today, we’ll be breaking down and uncovering hidden details from Attack on Titans’ Episode 26 titled “Traitor.” In the previous episode, we saw the alliance put aside their differences and form a plan to stop Eren’s Rumbling. 

If you haven’t watched the newest episode of ‘Attack on Titans’, hop off! Below you will encounter SPOILERS, you have been warned! 

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 In this episode, we witness the alliance having to start a war with the Yagerists, along with Annie’s first transformation in years, and Commander Magath’s sudden change in heart. 

The Plan Fails!

In Episode 26, the alliance plans to infiltrate the Yagerists and use the Flying Boat to stop Eren and the Rumbling. We later discover that Floch has been keeping Azumabito Clan members hostage and is quite aware of an alliance being formed! 

Armin and Connie head to port, lying to Floch about their fight against the Cart Titan and Reiner who killed Jean and escaped by sea, they inform the Yagerists, the Cart Titan and Reiner are headed towards Eren to stop the Rumbling. Armin and Connie head to Flying Boat, where they learn the Yagerists have already been informed to stay alert as an alliance might have been formed! 

The Flying Boat is covered with explosives, which shock both Connie and Armin! Armin commands the officers standing there to unhook the explosives but the officers don’t listen, and we learn that Floch is well aware of the alliance, and he is ready to kill the Azumabito Clan members! 

Mikasa is then seen killing three guards and taking the clan members to the basement, as the Yagerists are going to destroy the whole building! Upon hearing the shots, Floch uses his ODM gear to escape the room and notify all his subordinates! The two helping Connie and Armin hear Floch and immediately shoot Armin in the face, on the mountains Magath and Hange realize their plan failed, and now killing is the Yagerists is the only option! 

Magath’s Sudden Change In Heart 

The previous night, Magath realized how Marely’s brainwashing has robbing children of their childhoods, he regrets seeing two generations carrying out the same evil deeds as before. Knowing Gabi is yet young and could yet have the childhood she deserves, Magath apologizes for his rude comments the night before. 

He further explains the argument he had with Jean was just him justifying his actions and the deeds he and Marley committed were horribly wrong! After noticing and spending time with Eldians his ideologies have shifted, he yet wants to stop Eren not only to save his nations but to teach future generations to not repeat the same mistakes!   

Annie’s Female Titan! 

The last time we saw Annie in her titan form was when she got captured by the Scouts. She is one of the most powerful Titan Shifters we have ever seen, and with her mastery of mixed martial arts, she makes a fearsome force not to mess with! 

 In episode 26, the news of the alliance breaks out, and all Yagerists are now aware of their enemies. With the alliance prepared with a plan B to eliminate the Yagerists, Reiner and Annie are seen transforming into their Titans. 

Annie makes it quick, by smashing people’s bodies, slamming them into the ground, and even kicking them. She makes a group of hundred soldiers seem like mere ants running out of their ant-hill! 

Reiner with Armored Titans smashes through buildings, and destroys all of their artilleries. We as watchers have never seen the duo together, but looking forward we hope to see them fight more!

With only a handful of episodes left in the last season of Attack on Titan, we can’t wait for the alliance to face off against Eren! We will be covering the next episode of Attack on Titans too, so tune in next week for another break-down! 



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