TF Daily Drop: Satisfy By Technicolour

Today’s pick is Satisfy By Technicolour. Listen Now!

In ‘Satisfy,’ Technimatic takes the lead with another Technicolour production. As the track’s name implies, we are taken on an opulent journey of piano harmonies, sultry guitar licks, and a classic drum fill just before it drops.

This tune is perfect for a relaxing weekend.

“Satisfy was born a couple of years ago when Andy and I were in between projects and we were just making tunes and bootlegs specifically to play in DJ sets. I didn’t think too hard about it, and just tried to create something that has that musical side we both love, but also packs a punch for the dancefloor. It’s been going down really well in our sets, and I’m chuffed to finally get it out there into the world”


Each release brings us closer to the duo’s comeback EP. With ‘Make Me Feel’ and ‘Satisfy’, Technicolor demonstrates the breadth of its potential. We can’t wait to hear the next one from them!

Taken from their ‘Original Structures’ EP,

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