Rusha & Blizza’s Frenetic Experimental Eevolution

If you read through our previous piece about Rusha & Blizza’s music, you probably know what’s coming next. The duo’s turbocharged music has been some of the finest material released in the Indian electronic music space and we’re ecstatic to feature them as part our ‘Artist Of The Month for March.

Bringing influences from every corner of India’s traditional landscapes and blending them with elements from trap, hip-hop, dubstep and drum & bass, Rusha & Blizza have found the perfect recipe of dishing out music that is fresh, forward-thinking and of course, meant straight for the dancefloor.

But for their pulverizing style of music that we see now, that is not how they began. The duo started with a pitched down approach to their music which had traces from lo-fi, trap and hip-hop to make something that was intricate yet enchanting, before flipping the narrative with the potent beat structures that we hear now.

Through the second edition of our ‘Artist Of The Month’ series for March, we are going to take a dip into Rusha & Blizza’s evolution as one of the fiercest electronic acts in the country.


After listening to this track, you will probably wonder, HOW?  How can these delicate sounds turn into the colossal beats that we hear today? Well, that’s the beauty of Rusha & Blizza’s music; they have mastered the art of balancing their swelling frequencies to something deep, elaborate, and appealing. Released on I AM SO HIGH Records, ‘Alpha Centauri’ effectively marked the start of Rusha & Blizza’s journey in 2017.


This was the year 2018 and in hindsight, you could see where the duo was heading with their music. This time the basslines were fatter, the atmospherics were sharper, and finally the most important aspect – the oriental elements. The smart and timely use of oriental elements made the track an engaging listen and laid the pathway for their next expedition.


It was hard to pick a track from the ‘Gloss’ EP and that’s why we have included the entire release as a whole. The EP, which was released in 2019 signaled the transition from the mellow and deep trips to a sound that was sharper, grittier and grimier than any of their previous releases. 4 tracks with intense build-ups and borderline sinister drops; but this time, their influences travelled to the dancefloor.


This is when the Rusha & Blizza game changed and turned us into hardcore fans of the duo. 2020 saw the release of the ‘Mudra’ EP after signing an exclusive deal with Alfa Records, and the result was beyond spectacular. 6 tracks that take Indian folk elements to an ultrasonic level and then turned into club sized bangers that are tense, engaging, and riveting to create maximum dance-floor impact. It’s hard to pick a favorite from the ‘Mudra’ EP but gun to our head, we will pick ‘PashuGudwan’ which was the first example of the no-nonsense approach to their music that we are witnessing now.


Remember the famous saying about an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object? That’s how the places where Rusha & Blizza’s music is played feel when any track from the ‘Sutra’ EP is played to them. Released right after the ‘Mudra’ EP, it is impossible to resist the force of these 6 tracks that are delivered with blasts of some serious bass pulse coupled with an irresistible eloquence. This time, however, Rusha & Blizza pitched things down and by going back to their roots, they created a body of work that goes far beyond the shackles of a club.


In our opinion, the ‘Mudra 2’ EP which was a follow up to the ‘Mudra’ EP is the duo’s best piece of work. Once again, 6 flawless tunes that are blended with Indian folk swatches but with relentless precision and progression. The ‘Mudra 2’ EP, takes the duo’s uplifting palette into a playful territory that we had never heard before. Off-kilter rhythms and textures that incorporate outlandish sources of inspiration but polished with astute rhythmic sensibility. Banger from start to finish.


Released towards the end of 2021, the ‘Better Future Frequencies’ EP was a culmination of the duo’s sound that is distinctive, meticulous and transportive. ‘Jaaye’ which is our pick from the EP is a tune dispensed with musical richness by creating ambient and haunting atmospheres with progressive hip hop and trap textures without losing the Rusha & Blizza exclusivity.

This brings us to the end of Rusha & Blizza’s exponential evolution which has made them one of the finest electronic music acts in the country. Watch out for our next piece where we will bring Rusha & Blizza’s influences and try to decipher the secrets of their productions.

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