Technimatic Drop 2 Sultry DnB Cuts On Their Label

If liquid drum & bass is an art, then Technimatic are masters of it. The ingenious British duo have been mesmerizing heads across the scale with their evocative and colorful music.

Having released music individually as Technicolour and Komatic from the early 2000s, Pete Rogers and Andy Powell decided to join forces in 2008 to form Technicolour & Komatic. They then released their first collaborative material in 2008 on Technique Recordings’ sub-label Worldwide Audio in 2009.


Enchanted by their hyper-colored style of music, imprints like Critical Music, Hospital Records, Spearhead Records, Viper Recordings, and even the legendary Good Looking Records brought the duo on to their labels to release their music before signing an exclusive deal with Shogun Audio’s sister label SGN:LTD  in 2012.

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Their move to SGN:LTD marked the start of Technimatic who, after a decade of releasing spell-binding liquid drum & bass have gathered themselves a loyal fanbase across the genre’s deep, lush and dark spectrum.

Soon after releasing singles and EPs, 2014 saw the release of their first album ‘Desire Paths’ which was an exhibition of their penchant for the delicate and the dancefloor side of drum & bass, but with a liquid drum & bass twist. ‘Desire Paths’ was followed by the duo with ‘Better Perspective’ in 2016 which is regarded as one of the best liquid drum & bass albums of all time with 15 tracks that will remain unrivalled for generations to come.

After releasing tracks on labels across the board, Technimatic were determined to start their own imprint. The idea gave birth to Technimatic Music in 2021, which has already witnessed one of the best pieces of drum & bass music from last year with ‘Everlasting EP‘.

For their first release of the year, the duo have given us a surprise that takes us back to 2008, when they were releasing their music as Technicolour and Komatic. The ‘Original Structures EP’ is the duo’s attempt to challenge their solo creative wings once again and blend the era that laid the blueprint of the Technimatic sound, along with the contemporary style of drum & bass.

So far, they have released two tracks and both are bangers in their own right. ‘Make Me Feel’ by Komatic is a concoction of the producer’s punchy drums aesthetics from his early days, patched with atmospherics that shapeshift from deep to dark with ease. A proper dancefloor weapon.

‘Satisfy’ by Technicolour is a piece of orchestral, cinematic, captivating drum & bass that has subtle overtones of the club driven sound Technimatic pursued in their 2019 album ‘Through The Hours‘.

The duo are also set to make an appearance at Ticket Fairy’s LOCUS Festival in Tulum, which will be the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere with a line that’s never been witnessed in the region before. Grab your tickets to the LOCUS Festival HERE.


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