5 Similarities between Elden Ring and Dark Souls

If you’ve been waiting for another ‘Dark Souls’ game that is lets you uncover hidden lore and engage in god-tier boss fights, all while exploring an open world where you walk the path of the chosen, ‘Elden Ring’ waits for you! 

Much like the Reddit feed for ‘Elden Ring’, our thoughts right after playing just a couple of hours were quite similar. Mythical-type beasts, flying creatures, and mini-dungeons are the minor detail we spotted that made ‘Elden Ring’ feel like a spin-off to ‘Dark Souls’. 

We have compiled a list of 5 things, places and characters that are reminiscent of the ‘Dark Souls’ series:

Similar Weapons & Power Upgrades 

Two of the most important items we use in Elden Ring to battle evil are our weapons and our magic. We see many weapons from the ‘Dark Souls’ series reappear in Elden Ring, such as the Straight Sword, the Claws, the Claymore, as well as the Zweihander. If you aren’t a combat-based player and like to use your magic to trap your opponents and defeat them, Elden Ring will blow your mind! 

If you’ve ever played games like ‘The Witcher,’ ‘Skyrim,’ and any of the ‘Dark Souls’ games, you know how important leveling up your character is! Just like many of the games listed above, magic plays an important part in your journey to becoming the Elden King. You can obviously try finding the most overpowered weapon to battle bosses, but also learn to use the magic and master it completely. 

We personally went all out trying to max out our magical capabilities, but gathering the points is quite a task! 

Monuments, Places, and Setting

Now, the game does not take place in the same universe as the’ Dark Souls’ games but the developers are the same! We see the same gothic theme running in the background which is further worked upon with the help of Game of Thrones author, George R. R. Martin to create fascinating lore. 

Although ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Elden Ring’ are two separate games, we see so many similarities in the world created by the developers. Some might call it intentional, like resting on those iconic bonfires which enables fast travel, just like in the Dark souls game.

Boss Fights

A boss fight is usually the most entertaining aspect of any RPG game, but ‘Elden Ring’ will bring you to your knees! The game is unforgiving, so if you aren’t prepared to battle, you’re in for an experience, to say the least!

Going back to the ‘Dark Souls’ games, none of the boss fights were easy. You’d either be pushed to the edge of the cliff ending in your defeat, or simply being hammered down by an immensely powerful boss! 

Having played both games, the combat system is quite similar, but the enemies you face will be unbeatable! A quick tip: Magic is the most powerful attack!

The Main Objective

While we spawn into the world of ‘Elden Ring,’ we are introduced to the horrors that trampled the world, with dark spirits, giant mythical creatures, and many more. Players are on a quest to claim the throne and become the Elden Lord, defeating any and every monster they face. 

While in the first ‘Dark Souls’, we are brought back to life and are chosen to link the fire and succeed Lord Gwyn. We see a common running theme, with players playing as the chosen ones, blessed to rule over the lands! 

Elden Ring has a beautiful way of telling us a story, as you follow the journey your character takes and the different people they meet on the way. Side quests were one of our favorite things to do, with each having a slight impact on your story progression. 

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