TF Spotlight: Quadrant & Iris’ Tech-powered DnB

One of the finest flagbearers of drum & bass in North America, Seattle-based based duo, Quadrant & Iris have fully mastered the art of making tech-driven, gritty and punchy DnB music.

Delivering deep and driving basslines with a perfect balance of soul & grit, Quadrant & Iris exemplify how techy rolling drum & bass should be in its purest form. Quadrant has been making music since the early 2000s and was joined by Iris in 2012. Since then, the DnB power couple have emerged as one the fiercest acts coming out of North America.

Taking their love for low end rolling sounds, Quadrant & Iris have taken their slick sonic artistry to revered labels like Metalheadz, Dispatch Recordings, Commercial Suicide, CIA Records and many more.


After two years of cancellations, the festival season is finally edging closer and the State-side duo are all set to take over the sunny lands of Tulum for the LOCUS Festival which is curated Ritesh Patel aka Rit Locus.

After a brief hiatus, LOCUS, which is known for hosting colossal drum & bass line ups is making a gargantuan return with the biggest DnB festival North & South America has ever witnessed and Quadrant & Iris are slated to close the 4 day spectacle in style alongside heavyweights like Loxy, Klute, Commix, Workforce, Seba and Sam Binga.

We got a chance to catch up with the duo and get their thoughts on the festival, upcoming music this year and lots more.

How has the new year Been For Quadrant & Iris So Far?

Quadrant & Iris: Its going well! Feels like the new year is actually just getting started for us even though we’re three months in! Slow start I guess!

After two years of abrupt cancellations and shutdowns, how does it feel to be back on the road again?

Quadrant & Iris: Cautiously optimistic! That being said it feels like we’re coming back for real this time which is a great feeling. We’re really excited to have some amazing gigs on the horizon with hopefully more to come as things continue to pick up.

A festival alongside some of the legends in the game in a place where an event of this magnitude has never happened before. It’s a special feeling, isn’t it?

Quadrant & Iris: We’re so thrilled to have been included in this event (Huge thanks to Ritesh/Locus for thinking of us) and amazing line up. It feels like its something that’s been missing and much needed in the Americas for a long while now so its really exciting to finally see a line up like this happening. Hard to ask for a better location than a tropical paradise like Tulum.

Obviously, we need to make the comparison to Sun & Bass, and especially since we’ve been missing that since 2018, it’s great to be part of an event that reminds us so much of the vibe and musical diversity we’ve seen there.

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 If there is one artist from the line-up that you would love to go b2B with, who would it be?

Quadrant & Iris: Oof, how do you pick just one? There are so many great artists on this line up we’d love to go b2b with. If we absolutely have to pick though I’d say either Klute or Submotive, two people we’ve collaborated with in the past but never gotten an opportunity to play out with and are both great friends.

What are the things that you are most looking forward to at the LOCUS Festival?

Quadrant & Iris: First off the line up for sure. There are many artists on this line up we’ve never seen before who were definitely on our bucket list to check out. Next, reconnecting with some friends we haven’t seen in a couple years. Third, getting to do all this in Tulum.

We haven’t been on any kind of vacation in over two years so we’re definitely planning on getting in some beach time, sipping Palomas, and napping in the afternoon.

How does the year 2022 look like with your music?

Quadrant & Iris: So far it’s shaping up nicely. We have a remix of “Nothing in Return” from Collette Warren and Winslow coming out March 25th. Iris has a debut EP coming on Guidance in late spring. We just finished up a single for Marky’s Innerground label (also featuring Collette), are about halfway through what we’re hoping will be our next Guidance EP, and we also have a collab with SD coming on Delta9 and as usual a few things we’re waiting back for release dates and confirmations on.

We’ll definitely be bringing a lot of what we’ve been up to and working on to Tulum!

5 tunes you are feeling at the moment to gear people up for the big one next month?

Quadrant & Iris: Submotive & Krakota – Poisoned (Ft. Lauren Norstom) (Metalheadz)
Alix Perez & DLR ft SP:MC – Keep Up (1985 vs Sofa Sound)
Break & Total Science – Gun Finger (Triii Audio)
Workforce – Attention To Suffering (Must Make Music)
Minor Forms – Life Sequence (Delta9)

Grab your tickets for the LOCUS Festival – HERE. Day passes start at $100 (INR 7633.45).

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