Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 27 Review

This is a breakdown of Attack on Titan season 4, episode 27, titled ‘Retrospective’ in which the alliance defeat the Yagerists, Commander Magath’s sacrifice, and many more important details you might have missed on your first watch! This review contains spoilers for everything ‘Attack on Titan’, you have been warned!

The episode picks up exactly where it left off last week, with the alliance yet in a battle against the Yagerists trying to steal the flying boat. Unfortunately, Floch is now completely aware of the alliance and orders the Yagerists to kill any alliance members including Mikasa, Connie, and Armin. 

The episode then begins with the dead body of Daz going deeper into the water, while Connie and Armin realize what they had to do to stop the rumbling. With Connie being the one who urged the alliance to not kill the Yagerists and find a peaceful plan to secure the Flying Ship, him having to start the battle by killing his former classmate might haunt him later on in the anime.

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The Ship Might Not Be Ready In Time

After securing the Azumabito Mechanics, Hange asks them about they need for take-off, and the alliance is hit with another obstacle. The mechanics state that they need a day, or at least half a day, to prepare the flying ship. However, Commander Magath lets the group know that it’ll be impossible as the Yagerist will not let them work on the ship and they can keep sending more reinforcements. 

Hange also states that half a day is too long while we learn in the last episode the Rumbling had already reached Marley’s boarders, and waiting for half a day will be much worse as the Rumbling can cover hundreds, if not thousands, of miles in half a day. 

The alliance then learns that no matter what they try, they cannot stop the rumbling from hitting Liberio, where Jean and the Scout members had spent months during the time skip between seasons 3 and 4. With everyone starting to think it’s all a waste, the leader of the Azumabito Clan shares a possible shot to get their flying ship running. 

She suggests they gather to a close-by island where the tools to service the ship will be present as well as a runway. There is only one risk, she states, that they can reach the hanger on the island before the Rumbling. But if the mechanics cannot finish before the Rumbling reaches, they won’t have another shot.

Alliance Victory VS Yagerists & Magath’s Sacrifice

After the alliance discusses what their plan, they spot a train filled with an army of Yagerists and weaponry. Much to our surprise, even before we see Mikasa having to kill another hundred people, the train is blown to bits, and Floch falls into despair and tries to shoot one last spear to stop the alliance from killing Eren.  

Herding through Falco, shooting two thunder-spears at the Cart Titan, and pushing back Hange, Floch tries one last shot to destroy the ship. But while launching his attack he gets shot by Gabi which in turn makes Floch miss his target. With Floch out of the picture, the Yagerists don’t have a leader which made the alliance victorious! 

With no one holding the alliance back, they begin their journey to chase after Eren and the Rumbling. Magath offered to stay back and keep the Yagerists of their tale, accompanied by Keith Shadis, who we later learn followed Annie, Connie, and Armin back to port and stopped the reinforcements. 

Magath rushes to the nearest ship which was captured by Eldian during season 3. Knowing that it is the only ship at the port able to catch up to the alliance, both the Commanders head to stall the Yagerists! At this moment, we see Magath wish he could have kept the kids away from war, murdering, and rather let them have a beautiful childhood. 

Both commanders are proud of their students but wished them a happier life. We then see Commander Magath use gunpower to explode the ship, taking both Keith Shadis’s life and his own.

Falco’s Jaw Titan 

This is definitely the highlight of the episode, and the one Titan Shifter no one saw coming, Falco’s Jaw Titan! When the rumbling began, we saw Falco killing his own brother and taking the powers of the Jaw Titan. And what a reveal it was! 

While the alliance is securing the flying ship and saving the Azumabito mechanics, Reiner and Annie get very close to losing their battle against the Yagerists. Falco and Gabi watched the entire battle play out and felt completely hopeless looking at Annie and Reiner who are unable to move or see anything.

We see Falco puncturing a wound in his hand to transform and help everyone, but as it is his first transformation he can’t do it willingly and will be on a uncontrolled, killing his friends too! We then see the Cart Titan evade many spears thrown at it, and in the distance Falco running with a punctured hand to assist his friends. The wound on his hand triggers his first transformation but he isn’t in control. 

Unlike any of the Jaw Titans Before Falco’s shifter has a very peculiar design, with a beak that is made from Titan hardening, feathers covering his entire body, and claws that look similar to birds feet. 

We later see the alliance gather up and leave for the island where they can start preparations for the flying ship but also witness the sacrifice made by Commander Magath and Keith Shadis! 

We got it all in this episode, didn’t we! The alliance finally is in action and is now chasing after the Rumbling, but we yet seem to question if they can do any damage to the endless waves of Colossal Titans. Safe to say that it is gonna be EPIC!

Catch us next week for another break down of the newest episode of ‘Attack on Titan’! 

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