Skuff Drops A Stunning Single On Balearic Breaks

Hailing from Chelmsford, Essex, SKuff is a drum & bass producer who believes in one and one thing only, and that is making breathtaking atmospheric drum & bass.

Starting his musical journey in 1998, he eventually found himself in front of the computer screen making the beats he loved and started building his realm of crisp and ethereal soundscapes that circled around jungle and  drum & bass.

After spending few years with imprints like Serotone Recordings where he released his first studio album, Ten Tons Deeper, Venomous Musik, Skuff finally found his home when he signed to Rebel Records in 2018.

Since then, Skuff has released music that has been supported by titans like LTJ Bukem and Dillinja with his 2020 single ‘Walk Away’ airing on BBC Radio 1 for the Drum & Bass Show with Rene Lavice. Skuff’s exploits with Rebel Music includes an album called ‘Dream States’ that takes the golden days of Good Looking Records and transports them in to the modern drum & bass world with its jazz elements.

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Skuff has started 2022 in resounding fashion and after releases on Gutterfunk, Headsbass and Formation Records, the futuristic producer has dropped a tune on Spanish label Balearic Breaks for a tune that bring his trademark rolling breaks, vivid atmospherics and deep basslines for a gorgeous summer anthem.

Balearic Breaks is the first Drum & Bass label to be born in Ibiza, bringing a new soulful, liquid sound to the worldwide audience. The founding members of the label travelled to Ibiza from the UK and were locked down on the white isle throughout 2020, through their shared love of music and result was the formation of Balearic Breaks.

“Balearic Breaks is bringing the funky and soulful sounds of our adaptation of liquid drum & bass, to Ibiza and the world” is what the label bosses say and through releases with Surreal, Hadley and now with Skuff, they have delivered on their promise of pushing the most alluring soundscapes from Ibiza to the world.

Don’t sleep on this label, because Balearic Breaks are geared up to have a big 2022!


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